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Monday, March 07, 2011

Brother attempts brother

Brother attempts brother
Jipi Chakma narrowly escapes from sure killing at Kadamtoli, Marishya

Jipi Chakma, a veteran JSS activist with firm conviction tells the CHT Voice, "The raiders have been very aggressive to my wife and son. I might have been killed had I been found at my home."

A band of about 28 armed men, commanded by Niloy, Barun and Ronel, loyal to the pro-CHT accord armed group rounded up the house of Mr. Jipi Chakma, president of JSS Baghaichari Thana committee (anti-Santu Larma) at 1.45 am today.

The band rounded up the house and broke the door to make entrance for Jipi, who is an active local leader and withdrew his loyalty from Mr. Santu Larma. The band members ransacked the house and destroyed some properties for failing get Jipi at home as he puts up the nights at hide-outs. They forced his wife and a son to call him from their cell phone, giving some pleas. They also tried to befool him over phone so that he goes to them. The trick did not work and ultimately left the house at around 3am giving his wife stern warning so that Jipi quits the JSS and joins them.

The armed band which has infiltrated in Marishya got divided into three groups and are staying at Tholchara, north-east of Tuloban village of Marishya, while the other two are at Kudugokoja adam and at Nabochara, east side of Marishya.

* This report has been produced based on information received at 7.42 am and 11am. It has also been developed at 5pm on 8th March.

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