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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Stale but news, certainly a painful news

This is stale but news. It carries importance of public interests, an example of present alarming state of Jumma life in the CHT.

On last Saturday, the official residence of Mr. Santu Larma, popularly known as “Bhaban”, received a different type of delegation. The 5-member JSS delegation led by CHT Regional Council councilor Mr. Maung Nue Ching Marma called on Mr. Larma and prayed for life of a local JSS leader, Kyahla Prue Karbari, 60, community leader of Gabachara village of Raikhali Union in Kaptai Upazila of Rangamati Hill District. He is a leader of JSS Union committee and his association with the JSS has been since 1974. He played commendable role during JSS’ armed fighting with the Purba Banglar Sarbahara party (Proletariat Party of East Bengal, led by Siraj Sikdar).

He was picked up at night from his home by a pro-accord band after the ambush laid by the anti-accord band which took place on 21 Jan this year, the villagers and the locality claim, on the suspicion of his involvement with the anti-accord groups. In this ambush one was killed and another was injured.

In a post uploaded on 22nd Jan the CHT Voice reported on this clash, “Another attack by another anti-CHT accord group was conducted on a pro-CHT accord group at Gabachara of Raikhali Mouza and Raikhali Union of Kaptai Upazila yesterday at around 8.00am. The commander, Binoy Chakma shot dead on the spot and a Marma boy succumbed bullet injury but was able to avoid capture. The 3rd person escaped unhurt. Postmortem of this dead body was conducted today.” (

The JSS local leaders and activists have been under tremendous pressure from the communities in the area for this abduction. Moreover, many JSS activists and supporters have been seriously offended on this “action”. Mr. Pulu Khoi Marma, a JSS local leader from Gyandhya, Rajasthali Upazila, a close relative of Major Bhante (late Kya Hla U, veteran JSS central committee member who worked with MN Larma) has been desperate with the Larma’s JSS and Mr. Larma, to save the life of Kyahla Prue Karbari. In fear of public retaliation now this pro-accord armed band detailed for this area has shifted to Shita Pahar reserve forest.

Mr. Santu Larma denied of his party’s any involvement in the case to the delegation and thus it has now been uncertain about getting back the victim alive or dead.

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