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Sunday, April 10, 2011

2 rocket shells pound pro-accord group

The anti-accord group pounds 2 rocket shells on a patrolling pro-accord group at Bagapara of Harinchara of Bhajyatoli Mouza in Kaptai Union of Rangamati Hill District today, claims the anti-accord group, a source associated with the CHT Voice reports a while ago. This is 2nd instant of such battering on the pro-accord group which took place at Sijak Dojor area of Baghaichari Upazila in 2008, during the 2-year long state emergency.

The source reports that there were clashes between the two warring groups from 8am to 4pm today. After receiving a cell call from the village an anti-accord group of 17 persons ventured the attack on a platoon of the opponent group which was staying at the Buddhist temple of Bagachari. Being panic the pro-accord group fled away from the spot and was chased after by the attacking group and exchange of fires took place at Gachkabachara area of Barudgola Mouza in Kaptai Union. The area is inaccessible due to high hills and jungles.

The anti-accord group claims of injuring 3 persons from the opposite side while the pro-accord group claims of killing 3 from the anti-accord group, the source reports.

Yesterday, the Indu group, led by Sankalpa Chakma, a former Shanti Bahini medical staff, came under anti-accord group’s ambush at Baghaihat (Nokya Karbari Para) of Nareichari (close to Nareichari BOP)at noon and faced 1 dead and 3 injured. Of course, the pro-accord group also made this claim in their favour.

Commander Indu made very quick visit to a few villages in Panchari area last week and surrounded a house of a UPDF activist at Jubanashwa para of Logang and moved to Dighinala area via Nunchari of Dighinala and proceeded to Nareichari via Ugudachari Sammobaba adam and came under the ambush stated above.

On 10th of last month the pro-accord group assaulted a BGB (Border Guard of Bangladesh) man in this village in an ambush.

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