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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Abortive attempt of pro-accord armed group

An attempt of a pro-accord armed group on an anti-accord armed group has been a counter-productive at Mubachari of Ghilachari Mouza in Rajasthali Upazila under Rangamati Hill District yesterday. A source reported the CHT Voice yesterday at around 4 pm that there was indiscriminate fire on a barrack of anti-accord armed group at around 3.30pm. The result of casualties has not been available.

The source claims that the anti-accord armed group got the information of the advance of pro-accord group beforehand through cell phone and therefore they vacated the spot to befool the enemy and take counter action. The tactic did work and the pro-accord group sprayed bullets to the target blindly, but, they run away when they received reply from automatics from behind.

There was an armed clash between pro-accord group and anti-accord group in the same area on 19 July 2009, from 6am to 3pm, resulting to some major casualties from the attacking pro-accord group. In this case also the pro-accord group volunteered to attack the anti-accord group at Jhamdya Mon. The anti-accord group got the information in advance and laid ambush which resulted to at least 4 dead and a few injured from the end of the pro-accord group, and 2 were arrested the next day by naval base personnel at Jiptoli of Kaptai lake when they were fleeing to the group based in south of Rangamati town, after getting dispersed due to ambush.

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