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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ISPR's statement

(Unedited, got from internet)

[Inter-Service (between armed forces) Public Relation Directorate
Minstry of Defence, Dhaka
Phone 8753560, 8753563, 8754011, Fax 8753562
Press Release
No- Ja-08 (Military)/2011 Date 18-04-2011
Statement of the Army Headquarter on violence occurred between Pahari and Bengali in Ramgorh, Khagrachari

Dhaka, 18 April 2011 (Monday): A violent incident took place at Shakholapara in Baraplak area in Ramgorh Upajila in Kahgracahri District. In that incident, 03 Bengalis were killed and it is know that condition of other tow is critical. Moreover, incident of setting-fire on significant number of houses of both parties was happened.

It has been learned that clash began between both groups based on cultivation of turmeric on a piece of land in the aforementioned area. Noteworthy, there had been dispute between both Pahari and Bengali communities over ownership of the cultivable land. On 16 April 2011, Sindukchari Army Zone Commander organised an opinion-exchange meeting with the concerned people including owner of the land, and turmeric cultivators, to put an end misunderstanding over the matter. All who were present in the meeting adopted a decision to avoid all kinds of disputes in relation to the matter. In addition, even on 17 April 2011, an Army patrolling team went to the area to observe the situation. They did not notice any tension at that time either. All of a sudden, a group of Pahari terrorists, equipped with sharp weapons, attacked innocent/unarmed Bengali turmeric cultivators.

After the incident, it was tried to bring control over the situation sending 17 Army patrolling teams immediately, beside the police administration, to the disturbed areas by Guimara Region. The senior officers of police and army also tried to bring control of the situation going to the spots in person rapidly. After the incident, apt effective measures have been taken at all regions under 24 Infantry Division so that no disability can be spread.

Furthermore, constant contact with local peple-representatives has been being maintained by the Zone. Today (28 April 2011) at 10.30 am, local MP Mr Jatindra Lal Tripura, GOC of 24 Infantry Division Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ashab Uddin NDC, PSC, Deputy Commissioner and SP of Khagrachari exchanged opinion with local people-representatives and victims, and they urged everyone to stay calm. At that time GOC rendered tk 25,000.00 to every family of killed persons, and tk 5000.00 to every family of other victims as an immediate support.

In relation to the Ramgorh violent incident, headquarter of 24 Infantry Division, and administration of every Region and Zone have been working jointly with civil administration striving to uphold the control over the situation.

Md Nur Islam
Assistant Director
On behalf of the Director

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