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Friday, April 22, 2011

Jummas battle for survival while Jumma "right defenders" battle for supremacy

After a silence of quiet a couple of weeks, loosing the ground to the anti-accord group, the pro-accord armed group arrived Gabachara of Raikhali union in Kaptai Upazila on 14 April and meets the local people in a meeting today at 8am.

The 23-men strong group, led by commander Pramesh, sent message to the locality early in the morning so that at least one from each household attends to the meeting called at Gabachar at 8am.

The source reports that the group might woo the local people for getting the area back for them. The entire people of the area have been unhappy with the pro-accord group once Mr. Kyahla Prue Karbari, 60, community leader of Gabachara was kidnapped by pro-accord group, after the anti-accord group ambush on 21 January. He is a leader of JSS Union committee and his association with the JSS had been since 1974. This post: may be consulted.

The contact person from Kaptai Upazila reports the CHT Voice at 7am today that soon after their arrival in the area they confiscated cell phones from the local people of Bhalukya, Chakkua, Ramaachara on the ground of their secret communication with the government agencies and the anti-accord armed group.

Being scared of victimization these cell phone owners have not been opening their mouths, however, one Bana Tanchangya, a shopkeeper of Bhalukya has one of the such victims, the source claims.

Another 7-member strong pro-accord armed group based in Baghmara under Roangchari Upazila of Bandarban Hill District has confiscated 28 cell phone sets some 2 weeks back from the people of Gabochara, Baghmara, Antahapara and Knijupara.

Update, 7.15pm: Our contact reports at 6.30pm that the scheduled meeting could not be held because of army raid. A group of army arrived there for rounding them up, the public and the pro-accord armed men fled away unharmed. The armed men could not take their food which was on preparation.

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