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Friday, April 15, 2011

Minor girl and father killed by pro-accord group

Cijimuni and his daughter, Orki are seen at their bed. They are not sleeping but have been killed by the so-called Jumma rights defenders, the pro-CHT Accord armed group.

JSS sources from Baghaichari report that Orki Chakma (20 months) and her father, Cigimuni (33 yrs) were killed on 14th instant at 00.30hrs at their home at Kadamtoli of Marishya (Baghaichari Upazila). They were killed during the Biju festival and Bengali New Year's day. They are victims of cruel political leadership.

Cigimuni Chakma, an activist of Juba Samiti (Youth Association) of anti-Santu Larma JSS fall asleep after attending to activities of Biju festival just half an hour before bullets shattered his body. Poor Orshi was also asleep with her father and the criminals did not hesitate even to kill her though she could easily be saved.

Ratna, Cijimuni's wife opened the door when some were calling Cijimuni. The killers went to the bed room and sprayed bullets from very close distance and killed both father and daughter.

Police from nearby Baghaichari Police Station went to the spot in the morning and brought the dead bodies at PS and were sent to Khagarachari for post mortem in the morning. After the post mortem the dead bodies were released 4.30pm and were cremated at night at their native village.

The JSS Baghaichari committee organised a protest meeting at the Upazila headquarters yesterday and also preparing to poster in the CHT. There has been a sheer reaction in the area and the common people are holding Larma responsible for all the killings in the CHT.

A murder case has been registered against 9 persons with the Baghaichari Police yesterday. A senior figure of Baghaichari JSS claims that the killing group came to Kadamtoli from Sijak and returned to its base after the killing. Commander Niloy (Riten Dewan) is a JSS returnee (under the CHT Accord) from Kattoli, Karangatoli area of Baghaichari and a cousin of a big shot of JSS.

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