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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pro-accord armed group takes post in southern CHT in 3rd week of March 2011

Finally the pro-CHT accord armed group deploys it strength in Alikadam Upazila of southern CHT. A few sources close to the CHT Voice confirm this information.

The CHT Voice has been receiving reports of this deployment since 29 March 2011. A reporter from Kaptai Upazila reports on 29 March that a group of pro-accord armed group was seen at Alikadam Mro Para in Alikadam Upazila. Another report from Alikadam sadar claims that the group was camped at Roaza Para, bordering Lama and Alikadam Upazilas.

A source closely associated with the CHT Voice from Bandarban Hill District reports yesterday that the group of 22 persons has been camped at Rangu Para (Chakma village) in No. 2 Alikadam Union, 5 km south-west of Alikadam sadar and at Tuifang Para (Marma and Tripura village) of Rhongrang Pahar, 22 km east of Alikadam sadar. The group led by some Sathowai Marma from Khagarachari Hill District has served written notice to the nearby communities for “donation” of Tk 50,000 each.

According to a JSS veteran the pro-accord armed group might have sent out this group to the extreme south in search of virgin land, virgin in terms of extortion, to negotiate its ongoing serious financial constraint. According to him, this deployment will not last long there because of opposition from the former hardliner Murung Bahini (VDP/Village Defence Party, raised from among the Mro people to oppose the JSS during the armed movement) and other concerned factors.

A person claiming him as a former Shanti Bahini man from Langadu Upazila told the CHT Voice on 27th of last month that he had decided to go to southern part of the CHT to work for the JSS as the northern and central CHT are very chaotic. This person’s statement also proves that the pro-accord armed group shall send more recruits.

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