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Monday, April 18, 2011

Santu Larma's armed group killed my husband and daughter, claims Ratna

Cijimuni, an activist of CHT Youth Association, Baghaichari Thana committee and his only daughter (1 yr 8 months) Orki were killed at their home on the Biju and Bengali New Year’s day (14 April at 00.30 hrs) at the hands of a pro-accord armed group.

Little Orki (20 months) who does not know what cruelty mean has been made to be victim of brutality of "politics of violence". The preacher of "politcs of violence" frequently talks about human rights and women rights.

A representative of Baghaichari JSS reports to the CHT Voice at noon that Ratna Chakma (28) and 7 other widows widowed by Santu Larma’s atrocities in Baghaichari participated to human chain programme, organised by JSS, Baghaichari Thana committee, to denounce the killing of Cijimuni Chakma and Orki Chakma with a printed poster. Ratna and the Baghaichari Than committee held Santu Larma resonsible for this killing.

Dead bodies of Cijimuni and his daughter, Orki at their home.

The human chain programme was organised today at 10.30 am from Babupara JSS office to Hajipara bridge at Baghichari Upazila sadar and continued till 11.30 am. The programme was conducted by Jupiter Chakma, Secretary, Student and Youth Affairs, JSS Thana committee. A few hundred activists of JSS and its front organisations and local leaders- Union Parishads, Karbaris attended the human chain. Baghaichari Upazila Chairman and Vice Chairman, Mr. Sudarshan Chakma and Ms. Sagarika Chakma respectively attended the programme.

Amar Nath Chakma (General Secretary, JSS Baghaichari Thana committee), Sushil Bikash Chakma (President, JSS Baghaichari Thana committee), Anup Kumar Chakma (Information and Publicity Secretary (JSS Baghaichari Thana committee) responded to the queries of the media. Mr. Sudarandshan Chakma (Vice president, JSS Baghaichari District committee and Upazila Chairman, Baghaichari) briefed the media at his office.

Speechless Ratna's (right) world is now at darkest state as she is the latest victim of the Jumma fraticidal conflicts.

TV crews from NTV, ATN, Boishakhi, Desh TV, Bangla Vision and RTV covered the programme and also by print media reporters. The media persons interviewed 8 widows who lost their husbands in Baghichari Upazila due to cruel armed atrocities of the pro-CHT accord armed group.

In response to a question of a media person, “Whom do you consider as the impediment to the CHT accord implementation?”- Mr. Anup Kumar Chakma (an ex-combatant and veteran JSS activist and Secretary, Information and Publicity, JSS Baghichari Thana committee) said, “A powerful vested quarter is active within the government against the CHT Accord implementation and now Santu Larma has joined his hands with them to keep him in the government power.”

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  1. the Chakmas are killing each other there in Bangladesh. The Chakmas are being killed by the Illegal Bengali Settlers. Why dont they unite and fight together instead of killing each other. This is insane. The Lambas and The Badis cant do anything to the Begalis but kill each other.