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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

2nd death anniversary of Chandra Sekhar Chakma

Late Chandra Sekhar Chakma (extreme left) with commanders under his control at Command Post B Command.

In the 40 years of PCJSS history late Chandra Sekhar Chakma has set record of being the lone longest serving PCJSS General Secretary, for three consecutive terms for long 11 years. He was elected as General Secretary in 1985 during the PCJSS General Conference. Mr. Santu Larma, the PCJSS supremo, because of internal contradiction did not like him and excluded him from the leadership in 2006 and finally expelled him from the PCJSS in March 2010 while he already died.

With the internal party contradiction he was the first victim of secret killing of Mr. Santu Larma's 'Bol Proyoger Rajniti' (Politics of Violence) at Rangamati town on 25th Feb 2009. The assailants, however, could not take his life despite of a point blank firing. He was rushed to Rangamati General hospital and the doctors on duty immediately referred him to Chittagong Medical College
. Mr. Chakma sued against Mr. Larma and some of his followers including Dhiras Chakma, the prime assailant.

Because of continuous sheer stress for the party future and the fate of the Jumma movement for PCJSS bifurcation and also for organisational workload he succumbed heart attack on 9th Aug 2009 at Khagarachari and expired there. His dead body was sent to his home at Rangamati where Santu Larma's musclemen disturbed the rituals and humiliated some visiting relatives and friends.

He was a most capable PCJSS veteran leader who joined the Jumma movement in protest of Awami League's recognition of Jummas as Bengali in the 1972 constitution. He served the party as Political Secretary and commander of No. 5 Sector and also as the commander of Command Post B. He was a bridge between the general party members and Mr. Santu Larma. As a close associate of Mr. Larma for about 36 years he was aware of Mr. Larma's all weaknesses and strengths.

He was most liberal, gentle and soft spoken person, unfortunately, Larma did not like him and thus there has been none to bridge between Larma and others. We desperately miss this great leader today and seriously feel his absence in reorganising the PCJSS. WE salute you with our deepest regards.

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