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Monday, August 15, 2011

Follow-up of pro and anti accord groups clash at Chitmarang, Kaptai

Rocky Chakma, member of pro-accord armed group who was killed at Chitmarang Agapara on last 12th was cremated at Chakra Para cremation yard of Rangamati town on 13th instant. He hails from Langadu. Santu Larma led PCJSS claimed him as PCJSS supporter, newspaper sources report.

The CHT Voice reported on 12th that there was a retaliatory ambush of pro-accord group at 7.15pm on the same day. It has been confirmed, actually, the pro-accord group did not lay ambush on the pro-accord group. They, of course, fired a few shots and short burst fires from a teak plantation owned by Hla Ching Book Marma (father of Swe Hla Mong, sitting UP member of No. 8 Raikhali Union) on the tail part of anti-accord group while they were crossing a paddy field. There was counter attack and, it has been learnt, there was no any casualty from both sides.

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