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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mr. Ashok, we're sorry!

The CHT Voice shares concern of Mr. Ashok, for a post on little Orky and says sorry for hurting his sentiment. 3 posts have been withdrawn from the blog which involve Mr. Ashok's name. We did not block the provision which allows comments of the readers. We wonder why Mr. Ashok could not post his rejoinder to the CHT Voice. Therefore, we post his rejoinder below so that this clarifies his stand on the issue to concerned quarters. We noticed this rejoinder some an hour back from his blog: on April 22, 2011.
Admin, CHT Voice.

"An attention of the CHT Voice: a writer's freedom and integrity must be respected
Attention to
the Honourable Moderator
The CHT Voice

I have come across a few posts, which mentioned my name on your blog. I have tried to post my comments on those posts, but comments options in your posts were blocked. Therefore, for clarifications on my position, I had to resort to my blog. Following are my points in response to your posts:

You published a post under the title অর্পি, তোমার জন্যে কিছুই করতে পারিনি By Ashok Kumar Chakma ( ). But this article was not written by Ashok Kumar Chakma. It was known that, the article was written by Odong Chakma, a blogger and his title was অর্পি, তোমায় আমরা কী জবাব দেবো? ( ). In this regard, I would say that you don't have the right to publish one's Odong Chakma's) article in someone else' name. This is gross violation of writing ethics.

Second, assuming me as Odong Chakma, you contacted me by email. In reply to your email, I objected it. Despite that, you published it wrongly, i.e. you replaced Odong Chakma's name with Ashok Kumar Chakma. I again reiterate that Ashok Kumar Chakma can't become Odong Chakma. I didn't publish this article under my name.So, I would request you kindly not to pass Odong Chakma's article for Ashok Kumar Chakma. This is completely a violation of a writer's freedom and choice. Please delete all names of Ashok Kumar Chakma from your posts, to which he does not have any credit.

Third thing, whether Odong Chakma is a pseudo name or real name, it's up to him or his own choice. His choice must be respected, and no one has the right to expose him as Ashok Kumar Chakma. To do so, will completely be a violation of an individual's human rights, and an intrusion into one's personal freedom and choice.

I expect that your blog is more responsible to maintain a writer's integrity and freedom.

Thanks for your understanding.

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