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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

106 km-long human chain on 2nd Dec, to press for CHT accord implementation

The Jumma people will raise their voice on 2nd December, on the 14th CHT accord anniversary, in demand of the fullest implementation of the accord, in a human chain over 2 districts, from Dhudukchara (Indian border) to Rangamati (Manikchari, starting point of Rangamati-Khagarachari road).

In mid-September, Advocate Saktiman, on behalf of the PCJSS convening committee, proposed to Mr. Ushatan Talukdar, Vice President of Santu Larma’s PCJSS, for organising a human chain jointly from Dhudukchara to Ruma, stretching over 3 hill districts. Mr. Saktiman proposed to Mr. Talukdar to shoulder Manikchari (close to Rangamati town) to Ruma part by Santu Larma’s PCJSS.

Failing get any response from Santu Larma’s PCJSS, the PCJSS is mobilising the Jumma people for the human chain over 2 hill districts- Khagarachari and Rangamati, and over 6 Upazillas (sub-districts) stretching over 106 km (Manikchari-Khagarachari: 67 km, Khagarachari-Panchari: 25 km and Panchari-Dhudukchara: 14 km) distance.

The sitting Bangladesh government is now completely silent on the implementation of the accord and rather she attempts to violate the important clauses. It is worth to mention, the govt is desperate to survey the CHT land, in violation of the accord.

Below is a leaflet released on 1 Nov for mobilizing the people.

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