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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Armed pro-accord group arrives Raikhali, communities anticipate "action" upon them

A 17-men strong armed band belonging to the pro-accord group arrived Raikhali Union under Kaptai Upazila of Rangamati hill district yesterday. A source from Kaptai Upazila reports to the CHT Voice in the morning that the band arrived Gabachara of Hnarachara under No. 2 Raikhali Union (No. 9 Ward) and 321 Raikhali Mouza in Bohmong Circle yesterday in the evening. It is reported that the band passed the night in jungle to avoid any adverse situation.

The source claims, Pranoy, (actively associated with Santu Larma’s violent politics, “Bol Proyoger Rajniti”) is in command of this band. The source further reports that the local communities got terrified with the arrival of this armed band. They are anticipating further "action" upon the innocent people on the plea of their contacts with anti-accord armed group, which is currently stationed in Mubachari of Rajasthali area, a few kilometers away from Hnarachara.

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