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Monday, November 21, 2011

Jumma diplomat faces integrity crisis

HE Mr. Supradip Chakma, Bangladesh High Commissioner to Vietnam and Laos.

HE Mr. Supradip Chakma, one of the two sitting Jumma (Chakma) High Commissioners has been caught by Dudak (Anti-corruption Commission) for embezzlement of Tk 170,24,476, when he was serving as Minister at Bangladesh High Commission to Turkey, reports the Bangladesh Protidin in its 20 Dec issue ( A few Bangladeshi TV channels aired the news on and around 13 instant.
The daily Bangladesh Protidin served a long report (lead news) on corruptions of a few Bangladesh ambassadors including Dr. Nim Chandra Bhowmik.
Dr. Nim Chandra Bhowmik, sitting High Commissioner to Nepal having background of teacher of University of Dhaka is also seen in the middle. He has also been found in corruption with other allegations. These photographs have been scooped from the Bangladesh Pratidin.

Mr. Chakma is currently in Hanoi as High Commissioner to Vietnam and Laos, with the background of a professional diplomat. Besides in Dhaka with the Foreign Ministry, he served in Sri Lanka, Belgium, Turkey and Morocco diplomatic missions. He hails from Kamolchari village in Khagarachari Hill District and was born in 1961. He has been in his present position since Oct 2007 and currently faces corruption charge which has defaced the Chakmas' (Jummas) pride. However, we are yet to listen to his position on the 'charge' against him.

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