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Thursday, December 15, 2011

CHT crisis: Bangladesh slips out another global-cry

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eSamakal, Dhaka, 15 Dec 2011:

The Daily Star, Dhaka, 15 Dec 2011, Hill Tense:

Bangladesh slipped out a global condemnation yesterday which was not possible in Feb 2010 when Baghaihat (in Sajek) and Khagarachari were burnt down under a disguise plan. Yesterday, in reprisal of killing of Abdus Sattar (29), a Bengalee Muslim settler from Kobakhali (originally he hails from Bhaktapara, Marishya of Baghaichari where his dead body was recovered) of Dighinala in Khagarachari Hill District by unidentified person(s) the Bengali Muslim settlers of Dighinala and Marishya went amok upon the innocent indigenous Jumma people. But, with the Jumma resistance to protect their lives, houses and properties and also the imposition of Section 144 of crPc, including some role of local administration involving the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Bangladesh has been able avoid another global condemnation.


Shanti Priya Chakma, 38 yrs, son of Rasik Chandra Chakma, Project Organizer,
Integrated Community Development Project, CHT Development Board, Vill: Kharikhyang, Banduk Bhanga, Rangamati

Abdus Sattar who earns money by carrying passengers by his two-wheeler was hired by 2 passengers from Kobakhali in the evening of Tuesday and his dead body was found the next day (yesterday) at around 7.30 am at a jungle close to Bhaktapara in Marishya of Baghaichari Upazila. Mr. Sudarshan Chakma, Baghaichari Upazila Parishad Chairman and his colleagues came under settlers' attack in presence of TNO, OC of Bahaichari Police Station and 9 BGB commander, Lt. Col. MunirHossain when he went to the spot. As a result Sudarshan Chakma fled away to Rupakari. The settlers chased him; he and his associates had been able safe them with a licensed gun and two police constables.

To bring the situation under control section 144 of the criminal procedure code has been imposed by TNO at 2 pm. Despite this attempt the settlers moved around the Upazila ground with the dead body shouting communal slogans and no action has been taken to thwart the move. Afterwards, when they started marauding the Jumma villages the BGB personnel fired 29 shots on the air to disperse them. In the mean time the Jummas have been able send their women, children and elderly persons to safer places and the rest organised them for resistance for securing their villages and properties from looting and arson. This way the whole day the marauders attempted to maraud the Jumma villages- Babupara, Jibongachara, Talukdarpara, Tulaban, Baradam and etc. while the BGB personnel did not take any action against the Bengali Muslim marauders but forced the Jummas to go to their homes.

The TNO (Sadequl Islam) did not take any care of his elected boss Sudarshan Chakma through cell phone or by sending messengers. Mr. Diptiman Chakma, Vice Chairman of Baghaichari Upazila who was also with Sudarshan Chakma during his flight from the spot got serious injury by falling from a hill. He is still at critical state without proper medical care as his admission to hospital at Baghaichari is neither safe nor it is possible to send him to a distant place.

Above: Rani Chakma, 37 yrs, Businessman, s/o: Prabhat Chandra Chakma, Vill: Giriful
Khagrachari. Below:
Back part of Rani Chakma.

The TNO is completely responsible for his ‘inability’ to negotiate the crisis, claimed by Sudarshan Chakma and demanded his immediate transfer to the visiting Deputy Commissioner Mr. Sourendra Nath Chakraborty at a meeting at Jibangachara Nabaratna Bouddha Vihara today at 2.15pm. Mr. Chakrabotry and Mr. Masud Ul Hassan, Superintendent of Police arrived at Baghaichari from Rangamati today at around 9.30am. The visiting DC and the SP met the Bengali Muslims and Jummas separately at Baghaichari town hall and Jibangachara Nabaratna Bouddha Vihara. The meeting with the Jummas started at 2.15 pm which lasted for about 45 minutes. Around 250 Jummas participated to this meting who handed over a memo to the DC which was addressed to the Prime Minister. The memo contains 5 demands.

Sudarshan Chakma did not dare return Upazila headquarter via main roads and he had to follow jungle tracts of eastern Baghaichari to arrive to Nabaratna Bouddha Vihara of Babupara from Rupakari for attending the meting with he DC and the SP. He was able return to Babupara only today at 12.15 pm when the DC and SP arrived Baghaichari.

Many Jumma persons came under Bengali Muslim settlers attacks in Kobakhali of Dighinala Upazila and Marishya of Baghaichari Upazila. Chigonmala Chakma (45), an innocent Jumma woman was attacked at Kabakhali in Dighinala Upazila yesterday in the morning and got killed. All the Jummas who went to Kabakhali yesterday became victims of attacks. Innocent Jummas, students and Govt officials and staff at Baghaichari headquarter became easy prey of the attackers.

Abdus Sattar who was killed by unidentified persons on Tuesday had been living at Kobakhali for the last four years after fleeing from his Bhaktapara village. He fled from his original village with a girl when he developed love affair with her and his life was in danger from his in-laws, it is gathered. And, last Tuesday was the first day of his arrival to his own village in the last four years. He was seen at Baradam village with 2 passengers on Tuesday, 1 km north of Bhatapara village. His dead body was recovered from jungle, a few hundred yards from his own village and his two-wheeler, a Platina Bajaj was found in the morning in-front of Kassalong College.

This time, whatever may be its extent; it certainly deserves serious condemnation, as every time the Jummas are the losing party with lives, properties and serious psyche pressure. It takes back the Jummas to Feb 2010 to remind them the extent of ferocity on the innocent Jummas of Baghaihat and Khagarachari. This one sided massive communal attack drew world sympathy and the UN Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues adopted a report in May 2011 and finally it was adopted by ECOSOC. To safeguard the image of the Govt and the country as well the immediate start of implementation of the CHT Accord is a must and the formation of local police force tops the checklist.

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