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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cooking demonstration by Troya Tridev Roi


Ishrat HyattTuesday,
December 13, 2011

The Cuisine Club of the Asian Study Group (ASG) organised a cooking
demonstration by Troya Tridev Roi.

The ASG blurb on the programme said and I quote, “The Chakmas are Budhist
communities that inhabit the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. These are
the largest ethnic group making up more than half the tribal population. The
daughter of Raja Tridiv Roy, the Raja of the Chakma Tribe (and minister without
portfolio) will talk to you about the customs of the Chakmas and introduce you
to wearing a ‘sari’, in the Bengali style! She will also introduce you to
Bengali cuisine that lays emphasis on fish and lentils served with rice as a
staple diet. The cuisine is known for its subtle flavors, its confectioneries
and desserts!”

With that tempting bit of information, quite a large group landed up at the
residence of Nabeela Ejaz, who along with another volunteer looks after the
affairs of this sub-group. Since she herself is fond of cooking and
demonstrating, the venue is equipped with all the necessary tools while the
ingredients are bought fresh. Some of those who came were very interested in
learning the method of preparing the food, while others it appeared, came for
the meal, since this cuisine is not available in the market and if it was, not
at such a reasonable price tag!

Keeping this in mind, it was a very pleasant get-together, with much
interaction between those who attended as well as those who were demonstrating,
with some ladies — and a couple of gents — taking notes and asking questions,
while others sat or stood around conversing and making new friends or
acquaintances as the case may be. The ambience was really nice, with
comfortable seating, Chakma music playing in the background and the aroma of
cooking in the air. The conversation centred on cuisine around the world;
discovering the many positive aspects of Pakistan by the expats and, of course,
the upcoming meal which turned out to be a tasty one — hot off the oven and
very welcome on a cool winters day.

The sari demonstration was skipped or maybe took place later but it was an
enjoyable morning with pleasant company that made for a ‘getting to know you better’
event — a tribute to the good work being done by the ASG volunteers to make its
members aware about the positive aspects of life in Pakistan in particular and
Asia in general.

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