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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Devasish Roy sets out for Rainghyong Pukur

Beautiful Reingkhyong Pukur/lake

Raja Devasish Roy leaves Rangamati tomorrow and leads a group of 24 persons to visit Reingkhyong Pukur Para, close to the Reingkhyong mountain lake on the source area of Reingkhyong river in Rangamati Hill District. Most of the entourages are from Taungya, a CHT based NGO chaired by Raja Roy and UNDP-CHTDF. The group reaches the destination on 25th via Tankuitang, Rammongchara, Chaijangpara, Tigerpara and Barthali and returns Rangamati on 27th instant via Bagamukh-Ruma and Bandarban. The trekking will start from Farua, an important place of Reingkhyong valley which is situated by the bank of Reingkhyong river.

The Reingkhyong Pukur or lake is situated in No. 9 Ward of Farua Union of Belaichari Upazila. This is the only Ward in Rangamati Hill District which houses Mro people at Esomo Mro Para, close to Bangladesh-India-Myanmar tri-junction; about 1.5 days walk from Reingkhyong Pukur. This Upazila is so backward that there is no any road communication. During monsoon; if there is enough rain then Farua can be reached by engine boats and this is hardly for about three months. However, a 52 km-long road is slowly progressing from Beliachari to Farua under CHT Rural Dev Project with the ADB money. About 9 km HBB road has been completed last year from Belaichari to Chakrachari Down.    

The CHT Regulation, 1900 bounds the Circle Chiefs to visit their respective circles regularly. In response to the cry of the people in last October Raja Roy gave his words to the inhabitants of Dighinala publicly to play a strong role for stopping Jumma fratricidal conflicts. It is expected that the inhabitants of 16 communities of Ward No. 9 of Farua Union are also going to express their sheer concern on the Jumma fratricidal infighting during a public reception on 26th instant at Reingkhyong Pukur Para.

Raja Devasish Roy will celebrate the Christmas at Reingkhyong Pukur Para at the invitation of the community leaders. A gayal will be butchered in honour of him. Mr. Rupayan Dewan, CHT Regional Council Member has also been invited to this Christmas celebration and he has regretted to be available there on some technical grounds.    

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