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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dr. Rizvi and Mr. NBK Tripura meet CCC team

Dr. Gouhar Rizvi, Adviser to the Bangladesh Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs told the CCC leaders yesterday that Prime Minister Hasina has not been deviated from her earlier stand on implementation of the CHT Accord, as he wanted to be sure about Prime Minister Seikh Hasina’s present stand on the issue and Hasina confirmed it to Dr. Rizvi that she would implement the accord fully.

Welcoming the 6-member CCC team Mr. Nababikram Kishore Tripura, Secretary in-charge, Ministry of CHT Affairs (MoCHTA) opined that it is beyond doubt that the GoB (Govt of Bangladesh) will implement the CHT Accord though the amendment of the CHT Land Dispute Resolution Commission Act, 2001 is to some extent complicated. 

The scheduled meeting of Dr. Rizvi and Mr. Tripura started at 11.30 am at the conference room of circuit house at Rangamati which lasted for 70 minutes. Ms. Nirupa Dewan, Commissioner of Bangladesh Human Rights Commission and also a leader of CCC formally spoke in response to Mr. Tripura’s welcoming address.

Prof. Mong Shanoo Chowdhury, President of Rangamati District Committee of CCC and a member of the CCC’s core committee formally initiated the move on behalf of the team. He started his statement with the words, “Today we’ve come before you to let you know about our aggrieved state.” He gave a few examples of successive governments’ wrong policies adopted since 1960 and with pain told that the governments neither admitted those wrong decisions nor corrected for the progress of the Jumma peoples. And, thus he demanded the total implementation of the CHT Accord at the earliest.

Dr. Rizvi said that he shares oneness with the team on the reasons of their upset state and pains. On the issue of the “indigenous people” terminology Dr. Gouhar Rizvi earnestly requested Prof. Choudhury to abstain from this issue and keep discussion limited to the CHT Accord implementation. He, however, made it clear that the peoples who have their sheer pains they can undertake any action they want and they have also rights how they want to be identified. However, participating to the issue Mr. Tripura said that these people have their rights the way they want to be called, but the Govt also reserves the rights of her liberty on how she wants to call her own peoples. Referring to China he told that minority peoples are called as “microscopic nation” which is “tribal” in India.

On the question of formation of Local Police Mr. Tripura said that it was not a big matter and the GoB was doing on it. He further very strongly argued for holding 3 Hill District Councils elections with the present voters list used during the national elections. His strong argument is that seats of the hill district councils are reserved against each people; therefore, there is no fear of losing any seats to other peoples. Mr. Tripura admitted that the letters issued to the 3 Hill District Councils from his ministry on land settlement in violation of section 64 of the Hill District Councils Acts have been beyond his knowledge. The MoCHTA recently instructed the Hill District Councils to disregard the councils’ authority of issuance of permission (prior permission) on land settlement cases and in lieu to give "No Objection Certificates".

The CCC team had sheer difference with Mr. Tripura on four major issues e.g. 1) on permanent resident certificate; 2) separate voter list for holding Hill District Council elections; 3) indigenous peoples issue and 4) getting back lands of Jumma refugees and internally displaced persons.

Dr. Rizvi said that the issues should be settled within the present government’s tenure otherwise he is sacred about the CHT’s future and, therefore, he emphasized on resolution of the issues jointly by Government, PCJSS and human rights groups.

Other 3 CCC team members are Advocate Gyanendu Bikash Chakma, Mr. Rocky Chakma and CCC Secretary Mr. Jashehwar Chakma.

Dr. Rizvi had closed door meeting with Mr. Santu Larma, CHT Regional Council Chairman at later’s office at 10:00 am for an hour and they again were seen at an inauguration of a new lake resort- Swarga Chaya, close to Peda Ting Ting. 

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