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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Community leaders of head-waters of Reingkhyong river meet Rupayan Dewan

"Are we not citizens of this country? Why has our area all thorough been kept outside development coverage?" Jacob Tripura, immediate past UP member of No. 9 ward of Farua Union of Belaichari Upazila and community leader put this question before Mr. Rupayan Dewan, Member of CHT Regional Council yesterday at 11.00 am at his residence at Rangamati. Jacob expressed his frustration and sheer unhappiness for not getting any support from the State Minister, Ministry of CHT Affairs in the last three years despite they voted for him. Jacob remembers that before the elections Mr. Talukdar assured  him to undertake development once he could return the elections and his party forms the government.   

Community leaders of head-waters of Reingkhyong
Jacob called on Mr. Dewan today with his 7-member team to cry for development. Their area shares international borders with India and Myanmar in head-waters of Reingkhyong khal (river) and in Reingkhyong Reserve Forest. The communities and area which Jocob represents are the children of those who were forced to infiltrate in reserve forests after their eviction due to the construction of Kaptai Lake without compensation and rehabilitation and fear of post Kaptai dam situation.

Jacob's grand-father, father and relatives were originally inhabitants of Rajasthali area (Present Kisto Para, north of Rajasthali Upazila Sadar) who entered Reingkhyong reserve out of fear of victimisation in different ways by those who were settling in their area after their eviction due to the construction of Kaptai dam. Bikram Manik Tripura became the leader of these people to save them from forest department and police. He fought for his people for establishing rights in reserve areas by claiming de-reserving the area for their habitations. He was arrested, tortured and put behind Rangamati jail during Pakistan period. Once MN Larma, member of Constituent Assembly went to see him in jail and immediately after his visit it brought relief to Bikram Moni's physical labour and also it brought honour for him from the jail authority.  

The Jumma people of this vast area have all thorough been denied basic government services and only the signing of the CHT Accord has given them some opportunity to be acquainted with some developments. UNDP-CHTDF has covered them under its CEP with micro grants of Tk 400,000 for each community. The area desperately needs special care in the areas of education, health, sanitation, pure drinking water and communication. Mr. Dewan assured to linkage them with the CHT Affairs State Minister, Mr. Dipankar Talukdar. And, accordingly, they visited Nr. Talukdar today at 9.30 am. Mr. Talukdar assured this 7-member team to support them by development for their area and make a visit them during winter. Mr. Dewan assured the team to support them with CHT Regional Councils micro-grants and also linkage them with other development carriers. So far Mr. Dewan gave 2 micro-projects in this area towards construction of a guest house and for a primary school.

The team members of Mr. Jacob are: 1) Mr. Jacob Tripura, Bartholi, ex-UP member, Ward No. 9, Farua Union, Belaichari Upazila, Rangamati Hill District; 2) Mr. Gopal Chandra Tripura, Bartholi, proposed Headman of upper Reingkhyong; 3) Mr. Badula Tripura, Karbari of Pronjang Para; 4) Mr. Birabahu Tripura, Karbari of Bartholi; 5) Mr. Biswa Chandra Tripura, Karbari of Charging Para; 6) Mr. Jarendra Tripura, Karbari of Hatichara and 7) Mr. Daakarna Tripura, Karbari of Seprupara. 

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