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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Raja Devasish is back home from Bangladesh-India-Myanmar tri-junction area

Students of Reingkhyong Pukur Para Unregistered Primary School  in No. 9 ward of Farua union pledge to build Bangladesh. But, does the state care for them? Their 2 teachers get Tk 1,000 per month each as their salary. The school was constructed by Rangamati Hill District Council in 2001 and was blown away in 2007 by cyclone. But, Rangamati Hill District Council has not been serious to rebuild it. 

Raja Devasish Roy is back Rangamati at 4pm today after a tour and trekking of 7 days. He left Rangamati at 8am on 22nd instant and arrived Pronjang Para, east side of Reingkhyong Pukur at 8pm on 25th instant. He went to this outreach mountainous area to attend the Christmas celebration and see the development situation of the minority Jumma peoples of this part of Chakma Circle.
Aerial view of Reingkhyong Pukur, the only largest natural lake on the mountain in Bangladesh. Right cluster is Proyang Para, central cluster on the western side of the lake is an army camp under Ruma garrison and thesouth-west cluster is Pukur Para.  Photo: Google Earth.

Raja Devasish Roy was given community reception on 26th instant at around 4 pm at the guest house at Reingkhyong Pukur Para. An address of honour was read out and their ordeals of outreach mountainous area have been narrated for his intervention. The community leaders have sought intervention of Raja Roy in the area of education, drinking water and health. They also have appealed to Raja Roy for his immediate and effective role for halting ongoing Jumma fratricidal conflict. It is hoped that this fur flung area would be introduced to different development actors by Raja Devasish Roy. Mr. Sujan Tripura, a community leader from Pukur Para and Mr. Jocob Tripura, ex-UP Member, Ward No. 9 have taken all the initiatives to take Raja Roy to this area. 

Raja Devasish Roy was greeted by the Tanchangya women of Tigerpara on 23 Dec 2011
Raja Roy and his 26 entourages including 6 women have arrived Proyangpara after arduous trekking of 4 days. Pukur Para can be reached from Ruma Upazila headquarter of Bandarban Hill District walking 30 km-long jungle tracts in 2 days. Like many Unions and Upazilas of Bandraban and Rangamati Hill Districts this Union has no even a single yard of even HBB (herring bone bond) road i.e. brick laid road.  

This is the only Ward (smallest administrative unit in Bangladesh) where 7 (Mro, Khumi, Tripura, Pankho, Bawm, Marma and Chakma) Jumma peoples can be found in Rangamati Hill District. They live in 19 (16 in Reingkhyong headwater area and 3 in Farua area) sparsely hamlets bordering India and Myanmar, and Barkal Upazila of Rangamati, Thanchi and Ruma Upazilas of Bandarban Hill Districts.

Below is the map of Belaichari Upazila

This area is all thorough been without any government and non-government basic services. UNDP-CHTDF has been working  in few villages under its CEP (Community Empowerment Project) since 2007. Bangladesh Christian Catholic Mission has been providing monthly salaries (Tk 1,700 per teacher. Money comes from Italy) of some teachers (presently 8) of a few community schools since 2002. Rangamati Hill District Council has constructed 1 unregistered primary school at Pukur Para in 2002 and providing salaries of 2 teachers (Tk 1,000 per head) since 2010. Taungya, CHT based NGO led by Raja Devasish has been shouldering salaries of 2 teachers (Tk 3,500 per head) since 2006. Mr. Rupayan Dewan, Member of CHT Regional Council has given a project of 9-metric ton of food grain towards construction of a guest house at Pukur Para to facilitate out side visitors (trekkers and researchers) from his GoB-CHTRC allocation.

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