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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Larma's frank admission to Bangladeshi TV channel, he owns armed group

Who owns these armed men and arms?


A few of them were regular visitors to 'Bhaban', Santu Larma's official residence as young activists. They were nabbed by army with arms and ammo from Hajaribah, just east of Rangamati town.

Santu Larma finally admits to have his own armed group. In an exclusive interview Mr. Larma, president of PCJSS (Santu) and Chairman of CHT Regional Council who holds status of State Minister frankly admits of owning an armed group of few hundreds to a TV a senior staff reporter of the Independent TV, a Dhaka based private TV channel aired yesterday in the evening. Mr. Larma told the reporter that they have not acknowledged about owning of such armed personnel earlier.

Illegal arms and ammo recovered by army from Tintilya, Langadu Upazila on Oct 15, 2010.

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Now, he is so desperate that he does not care anybody, even to admit his ownership of illegal armed group publicly. Therefore, he has to be responsible for almost all the killings and attempts on life of many persons in CHT, including his most closest two associates, Chandra Sekhar Chakma and Angshuman Chakma.

Chandra Sekhar Chakma, who served the PCJSS as General Secretary for long 11 years in 3 consecutive terms and spent about quarter century of his life in jungle for defending the Jumma rights was shot at by Mr. Larma's man on 25 Feb 2008. Angshuman Chakma, a staff member under PCJSS President's office and also a close relative of Larma was also shot at by AK47 and a bullet was removed from his arm. Pragati Chakma, former popular Union Council Chairman of Ghilachari Union under Naniachar Upazila and also a PCJSS leader of the same Upazila was also shot at by his men.

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