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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sudhasindhu meets Mouza Headmen on the Land Commission Chairman's move

Mr. Sudhasindhu Khisa, PCJSS Co-Chairperson and a CHT Regional Council Member addressed 61 Headmen from 8 Upazilas of Rangamti and Khagarachari Hill Districts today at Khagarapur Community Centre at Khagarachari.

The meeting was called by Mr. Khisa on behalf of the PCJSS to exchage views on the CHT Land Commission Chairman's declaration for holding "meeting" on 27-29 instant. Mr. Khisa called upon the Headmen to be prepared to foil any anti-Jumma actions of the Chairman of the CHT Land Commission. He said that it is still not clear what kind of meeting he is going to organse in these days.

The 61 Headmen responded the call from Panchari, Khagarachari Sadar, Dighinala, Matiranga, Guimara, Mohalchari, Langadu (Rangamati district) and Baghaichari (Rangamati district) highly appreciated the meeting and thanked Mr. Sudhasindhu Khisa and PCJSS. They were very open in the meeting and pledged to be active for the restoration of the Jumma lands and oppose any anti-Jumma interests. The overall CHT situation issue also came up in the discussion and a Headman very strongly raised the need of unification of the CHT's 3 political parties.

On 28 instant a meeting of Headmen of 3 hill districts/circles is going to be held at Rangamati with a view to forming a central Headmen Association to bring the existing 3 district/circle level Headmen Associations under an umbrella. Raja Devasish Roy is leading the move.

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