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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

AL woos PCJSS Baghaichari in Baghaichari municipality election

A courtesy meeting between Rangamati district Awami League delegation and JSS Rangamati district committee took place yesterday from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm at the official residence of Sri Sudarshan Chakma, Upazila Chairman of Baghaichari Upazila.

The AL delegation wanted to have the meeting at Baghaichari rest house run by Rangamati Hill District Council and this venue was regretted by PCJSS on security reason. The rest house is located adjacent to the Baghaichari bazar populated by Bengali Moslems. The communal tension which was recently erupted after the murder of Abdus Sattar is still waiting for normalcy. 

About a 20-member Awami League delegation led by Mr. Mahbubur Rahman, Awami League district vice president and also a CHT Regional Council member met the PCJSS represented by Mr. Angshuman Chakma, General Secretary of Rangamati district committee. Mr. Sudarshan Chakma, vice president of JSS Rangamati district committee and Upazila Chairman was also present in the meeting. Beyond a few Thana level JSS leaders some key persons of Baghaichari Upazila having no political colours were kept present in the meeting by JSS.

Sri Angshuman Chakma, General Secretary of PCJSS Rangamati district committee and a PC JSS returnee through the CHT Accord. He is seen on the right after removing AK47 bullet from his arm succumbed during an assult by pro-accord armed band patronised by Mr. Larma on 21 June in 2009 (

Sri Rupayan Dewan, PCJSS Co-Chairperson received a telephone call from Mr. Mahbub on 1st January night and was requested for his “Dowa” as Mr. Mahbub was leaving Rangamati next day for Baghaichari to cover the Baghaichari municipality election. Sri Angshuman raised the issue AL’s stand of non-implementation the CHT Accord. He also reminded the AL delegation of great victory in the 3 CHT parliamentary seats during last general elections with PCJSS’ active support. He also opined that there is no guarantee of AL’s victory in the 2014 general elections. Sri Angshuman made it clear to the AL delegation that they have not yet decided who to be supported as mayoral candidate and this would be finalised after taking the opinion of the concerned communities. Mr. Mahbub said  that a meeting of AL leaders of Rangamati district is scheduled on 5th instant in Dhaka with the Prime Minister and the issues would be raised before her.    

The Baghaichari Bazar area populated by Bengali Moslems received a municipality in 2001 and its first election is scheduled on 8th instant after long 11/12 years; with 4 Bengali Moslem mayoral candidates from AL, BNP, CHT Sama Odhikar Andolan and BNP-Sama Odhikar school of thought. It surprises that neither AL nor BNP has fielded even a single Jumma candidate in municipality commissioner seats. However, the JSS and community leaders have been trying to help return 4 Jumma commissioners. JSS arranged a meeting yesterday with 20 community leaders and elders from each concerned community for taking a common decision in favour of a mayoral candidate.

The total voters of Baghichari municipality are 8, 515 and Jumma voters are 1,356 while Hindu (with a few Barua voters) voters are 500+. Total voters of Baghaichari Upazila was 54,000 during last Upazila elections and out of this number Bengali Moslems were 14,000. To dilute this absolute 40,000 Jumma voters a vested quarter within the government machineries have been engaged in a secret move to transfer Baghaichari Upazila to Khagarachari Hill District since the last 2-year long state emergency. 

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