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Thursday, January 05, 2012

PM addresses the nation, declaration on CHT Accord fails convince the Jummas

Bangladesh Prime Minister addresses the nation to mark her government's completion of 3 years

Bangladesh Prime Minsiter Seikh Hasina Wazed said today in the evening, "Peace Accord implementation committee has been formed to implement the accord and the Land Commission is engaged in accomplishing its duties. Different subjects are being transferred to the 3 Hill District Councils according to the Hill District Council Acts." [She said these words during her 40-minute long televised address at 6 pm today to mark her “successful”completion of 3 years of her tenure.

The 3-member CHT Accord Implementation Committee chaired by Begum Sajeda Chowdhury MP and also Deputy Leader of the House has met only three times in the last 3 years. The first meeting was nothing but an acquaintance meeting among the 3 members- Begum Sajeda Chowdhury, Mr. Santu Larma (as the President of PCJSS) and Mr. Jatindra Lal Tripura MP (as the Chairman of refugee and IDP rehabilitation committee). The last meeting was held on 26 Dec 2010 and the meeting minute has not yet sent back to the committee from the Prime Minister’s Office.
Despite sheer opposition of the Jumma people the government was desperate to conduct a 3-day long hearing ("trial hearing") of the land disputes on 26th Dec 2010 and Begum Sajeda Chowdhury was available at Khagarachari to inaugurate it. However, it was finally dropped. The Jumma people and the PCJSS are not ready to accept the Land Commission's activities with the existing land Commission Act as it was passed in violation of the CHT Accord.

During last three years the government has not transferred even a single subject to the Hill District Councils and it was done only on 25th of last month when "Youth Development" subject was transferred to Khagarachari Hill District Council.

On 22nd Dec the PM asked leaders of Awami League and its front organisations of Bandarban Hill District, "You will send the message everywhere in the CHT that implementation of the peace treaty is one of our priorities.” [The Independent, Dhaka, 23 Dec 2011, “Govt firm to implement Hill Tracts treaty: PM”] Mr. Mahbubur Rahman, Vice President of Rangamati district Awami League and CHT Regional Council member tells Mr. Rupayan Dewan, Co-Chairperson, PCJSS today that in today's meeting of Prime Minister with Rangamati district Awami League  and front organisations in Dhaka that the PM assured of fullest implementation of the CHT Accord.  
These statements do not match with today’s televised one. This will not convince the Jumma people that she will implement the CHT Accord in next 2 years of her tenure and this will surely invite sheer frustration among them. We reject her today’s statement mentioned in the televised address as this does not match with the reality. Therefore, we demand immediate declaration of concrete commitment and immediate start of implementation of the CHT Accord.

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