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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pro-accord group faces pressure in Maini and Sijak reserve forests

Google map shows location of Nareichari in Diginala Upazila of Khagarachari Hill District.

After an interval of about 4 months Narechari of Dighinala Upazila witnesses another round of gunfight between pro-accord group and anti-accord group on Wednesday at Borbogoja adam area of Jarulchari, 2 miles south of Nareichari BOP (Border Outpost). Yesterday they again fought at Nona Karbari adam, north of the same BOP. Casualties from both sides are yet to come to light.

In fact, the anti-accord group is now waging an offensive drive in Sijak Dojor area under Sijak reserve forest in Baghaichari Upazila and Nareichari area in Dighinala Upazila. On 15th instant they waged a drive and after some clashes Sijak Dojor came under their control, which has never been possible before. But, with the BGB (Border Guards Bangladesh) intervention they had to vacate the place. It has been learnt that now the pro-accord group has concentrated their men power in Tangum, southern part of Sijak reserve forest. With this drive the anti-accord group has ensured control of infiltration of their enemies to proper areas of Baghaichari, at least for a couple of weeks.
Google map shows Tangum and Sijakdojor of Sijak reserve forest in Baghaichari Upazila of Rangamati Hill District.
For the last few months the anti-accord group has been under tremendous pressure in both Nareichari and Baghaichari, but recent sudden rise and repulsing the pro-accord group back has raised question on the issue of gaining back their strength. A former Shanti Bahini commander from Baghaichari tells the CHT Voice, “The anti-accord group might have bagged a sizable consignment of ammunition.” According to another former SB commander from Dighinala, “The pro-accord group in Maini upper has no senior and capable commander and it is now command by Shankalpa Chakma, a junior person.”

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