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Friday, April 27, 2012

2 anti-accord outfit men defect with arms in favour of pro-accord outfit

Two members of the anti-accord outfit today at 5.30 pm surrenered  with a G3 and a Chinese  rifle to Tanoy Babu, commander of pro-accord outfit posted in Rajasthali Upazila , reports a former PCP leader. The source further reports, the pro-accord outfit concentrated its strength from Barkal, Jurochari and Rangamati south to Rajasthali area.

Another source from Kaptai area has kept the CHT Voice informed that a group of 30-men loyal to pro-accord outfit has been gathered in the source of Gaskabachara and Harinchara, on way to Belaichari Upazila. This group was seen at Ananta Karbari Para, near Harinchara today in the morning preparing their meal for noon.

It has been gathered that 3 days back a group of Bangladesh army went to Harinchara and enquired about the presence of the pro-accord group while it was staying at Dainer Harinchara. The army group left the place which raised suspicion among the local people.

A source claims that a dreaded commander of the pro-accord outfit posted in Rajasthali has been staying at his home at Raangpanya, close to the residence of Mr. Palash Kusum Chakma, ex-Commissioner of Rangamati Municipal Council in Rangamati town, after a sheer internal crisis in the group and has now been demanding 5 lac taka (500,000 BDT)  for going to his posting.

It is believed that the pro-accord outfit has planned to occupy Kaptai Upazila from the anti-accord outfit the way it was done in Jurochari Upazila a few months ago.

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