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Sudha Sindhu Khisa, President/ Rupayan Dewan, Vice President,/Tatindra Lal Chakma, General Secretary/. Responsibility shouldered on 11 July 2013.

Background: The present central committee was elected on 11 July 2013, on the 2nd day of the 3-day long 10th PCJSS national conference. The earlier committee (convening committee) was formed on 10th April 2010 when Mr. Santu Larma convened the 9th national conference (29-31 March 2010) in sheer violation of the party constitution and excluded a few hundred veteran leaders and members and also "formally" expelled 7 top veteran leaders (Chandra Sekhar Chakma, Sudhasindhu Khisa, Rupayan Dewan, Tatindra Lal Chakma, Eng. Mrinal Kanti Tripura, Advocate Shaktiman Chakma and Binoy Krishna Khisa) and also declared their capital punishment. The present leadership is determined to democratise the JSS under a collective leadership.

"The world suffers a lot not because of the violence of the bad people, But because of the silence of the good people." Napoleon (1769-1821).

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mizoram border fencing abduction, fingers towards the "Shanti Bahini"

A Mizoram police official on condition of anonymity said in Aizwal, the capital of Mizoram, "There is a possibility that the Tripura insurgent outfit might be responsible and the involvement of the Chakma group - Shanti Bahini -was also remotely possible.”, reports PTI [].

On 25th of last month 6 persons of ABCI (Anupam Bricks and Concrete Industries), a Assam-based private company engaged in border fencing in Mizoram were abducted from Mouzam, a Chakma hamlet in Lunglei district resulting to halting of fencing work. Mr. Sanjoy Deka, in his full youth of about 25 years, an inhabitant of Assam was the senior most staff among the captives as site in-charge, while others are local Chakma labourers, border sources report.  

A tiny north-south line over Silsuri, Hnava, Marpara, Mauzam and Sachan is the Sajek river which divids the CHT of Bangladesh and Mizoram of India. Sajek, completely enters into India and falls on the Karnaphuli river, up stream of Demagri (Tlabung police station)  of India and enters India-Bangladesh border in Thega duar, up of Barkal.

The CHT Voice got this news of abduction on 27th March and did not pay importance; however, it has kept the issue under surveillance lest they are brought inside the CHT. A source from Baghaichari Upazila headquarters which has well surveillance over Sajek valley and Maini and Kassalong headwaters , bordering Mizoram and Tripura, keeps the CHT Voice aware since 24th instant that the captives have been brought inside the CHT at Siminapur, on the Maini and Gangaram headwaters, bordering Natin Manu of North Tripura, India. The source claims that the captives are under the captivity of a small outlawed Indian insurgent outfit. The abduction was carried out with the intelligence provided by the “Shanti Bahini” (pro-accord group loyal to Santu Larma). This pro-accord group has been using Mizoram border for running Jumma fratricidal conflicts in Bangladesh and is now under tremendous pressure from various Mizoram based authorities for freeing the captives, the source claims.

Maini and Gangaram headwaters, north of Bhulongtuli Moan.

Another source from Mizoram-CHT border in Sajek valley claims that the abduction might have been done by the pro-accord group loyal to Santu Larma. It reinforces its claim with the argument that no other armed outfit has its base close to the place of occurance. It further argues, in 2010 some Kishore Rangya (Chakma), a middle school teacher of Mizoram, was abducted from a place in between Laxichari and Kingochara of Sajek valley by some locals with the active support from the  near by pro-accord group led by Narayan Babu (previously known as Asish Babu, former Special Coy commander in-charge of Shanti Bahini) and commander Indu (Bijimua). They gave them SBBL gun for the abduction. However, after tremendous pressures from the locality Narayan Babu and commander Indu had been forced to nab the abductors. A foreign make pistol was recovered from them and commander Indu had been seen using it for him.  

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