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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pro-Accord group engaged in killing own brothers

‘Brother kills brother’, has again been proved to be true yesterday in Dighinala. 2nd-Lt. Devesh (Mr. Supraa Alo Chakma) of former Shanti Bahini, armed wing of JSS, was killed by pro-CHT Accord group yesterday at 07.45pm when Biju festival started in the region yesterday. 

The pro-CHT Accord group did the same last year at Baghaichari on the same day, during the Biju festival, when Orkay, a 20-month old girl-baby and her father, an activist of JSS were killed from point-blank range.

Naresh Chakma, an officer of former SB tells the CHT Voice in the morning that a group of about 10 pro-CHT Accord group loyal to Santu Larma infiltrated in the area from Surakka Baba Adam (at the source of Boalkhali river) and approached via Nakabachara of Dighinala. The group first came to this village in mid-December, 2011 from Nareichari area via Ugudachari and Nunchari on the left bank of Maini river and left again.

2nd Lt. Devesh was found dead sitting on the sofa, as soon as he was shot at his home, close to Baradam High School of Dighinala. Devesh joined the Jumma movement in 1986 and was posted in Harina-Thega area under ‘F’ coy.

Mr. Devesh has been serving the JSS as General Secretary of JSS Dighinala Thana Committee and thus became the target of the pro-CHT Accord armed group. He left his wife and three children. Eldest son is appearing at the HSC examination while the youngest one is a daughter, reads in class III.       

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