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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

JSS returnee Amalendu killing and Prothom Alo's partisan report

BARUN, pseodnym of Amalendu Chakma, popularly known as Barun babu or Pakyabap; whose actual name is hardly known by even the JSS leaders and his colleagues. He is a JSS returnee under the CHT Accord of 1997. He was attacked by unidentified assilants yesterday at Mongsha Karbari para (Tabalchari Mouza and Tabalchari Union), close to Masterpara, a border village in Matiranga Upazila in Khagarachari district, bordering Shilachari police station of south Tripura, India at around 5.45pm. He received 2/3 bullet shots from close distance and succumbed serious injury.

His youngest son, Mintu, under graduate student of Khagarachari College, his cousin brother Tushar Kanti and two relatives did not spare time to take him to Chittagong. On way to Chittagong, his critical state was noticed at Karolyachari bazar, 10-12 km away from Matiranga Upazila headquarter on Matiranga-Tabalchari road and thus he was taken to Matiranga hospital where doctors declared him dead. He was taken to Khagarachari for postmortem today in the morning.

All thorough his service in JSS, Barun babu has served under the control of GHQ and as 'Tathya Sangra Bibhag' (intelligence department) official under Mr. Santu Larma. During the movement i.e. before signing the CHT Accord he had a big network of informers and sources from different parts of Khagarachari district, Jumma refugee camps and even beyond international borders.
After return to over ground and till his death he maintained regular communications with Mr. Santu Larma and used to visit the 'Bhaban' (an unofficial given name), Mr.Larma's official residence, almost every month. Reports claim that he used to harbour illegal border-crossers through Matiranga-Shilachari borders keeping him at his home at Masterpara. 

The Prothom Alo, a prestigious national daily vernacular in Bangladesh reported today, based on JSS (Santu Larma) press statement,  [] the UPDF and the "JSS (MN Larama)" are responsible for the killing. The report writes that the accusation has been denied by UPDF, but it did not write anything about the JSS. Both the reporters, from Khagarachari and Rangamati surprisingly did not contact any persosns from JSS and it may be their ill motive, which is a sheer violation of media ethics.

Sudirgha Chakma, JSS Rangamati district organising secretary contacted Hari Kishore Chakman today at around 12.00pm and raised this issue i.e.  the deliberate indifference towards JSS. Hari Kishore Chakma gave a plea that he had no cell number of Sudirgha Chakma for which he could not contact him. As a result, Sudirdga Chakma protested and said to Hari Kishore Chakma, "We condemn this kind of fabricated news."
This is important that Hari Kishore Chakma keeps contact with Sudirgha Chakma whenever he requires any clarification and information about JSS. Moreover, he even used to contact Rupayan Dewan, Co-Chairperson of the JSS. But, in this case, both Hari Kishore Chakma and his colleague in Khagarachari, Soikat Dewan did not not feel any necessity to take comments of any leaders or representative of JSS, against the accusation of JSS (Santu Larma).
The JSS has issued a press rejoinder today at 1pm at Khagarachari denying its involvement in the killing of Amalendu Chakma and termed that it was aberration of Mangal Kumar Chakma, JSS information and publicity secretary for holding the JSS responsible for the killing. The rejoinder further claims that the JSS has no any organisational activities in this area. The JSS Khagarachari district committee general secretary, Bibhu Ranjan Chakma  today protested this partisan report to Soikat Dewan in person. Soikat Dewan, of course, told that the report has been prepared at Rangamati. Bibhu Ranjan Chakma tells the CHT Voice that Soikat Dewan looked morally weak when the issue was brought before him.
Rupayan Dewan, Co-Chair of the JSS told the CHT Voice, "We have been advocating in favour of greater Jumma unity and against the killings. I'm terribly hurt with the news of killing of Barun babu and I have no words to condemn this heinous act. His 4-decade long service to the Jumma movement should encourage the greenhorns.  The actual culprits should come to light and face right legal actions."

JSS (Santu Larma) protested the killing of Amalendu Chakma at Rangamati town today with a banner depicting UPDF and "JSS (reformist)" names, holding them responsible for the killing. JSS (Santu Larma) e-statement issued on 4th instant held "Reformist Group (Rupayan-Tatindra)" and UPDF responsible for the killing.

This is important to note, on 5th March this year, Kalenjoy Chakma, 42, a leader of JSS Matiranga Thana committee was abducted from Bengchari in Matiranga and reported to be killed afterwards. JSS (Santu Larma) held the UPDF responsible for his killing. And Barun babu is the second victim in Matiranga Upazila. Last month on 19th, Anil Chakma, popularly known as Gorky, a UPDF deserter was killed at Lakshmichari Upazila sadar. JSS (Santu) held the UPDF responsible for this killing. Lakshmichari is one of the adjacent Upazilas of Matiranga and there have been almost regular conflicts between JSS (Santu) and UPDF. There have been about three major armed confrontations between pro-accord outfit and anti-accord outfit in Lakshmichari area in last one year.

It is a fact that after defecting UPDF a few years ago Gorky joined hands with JSS (Santu) along with Abhilash Chakma (killed last year at Kalyanpur, close to Santu Larma's residence) and a few others. But he formed 'CHTNF' with 5 persons in the leadership, who were: Gorky, Priyodarshi (a former PCP leader), Renew (Dighinala, JSS returnee member), Kanti Chakma alias doctor Jockey (Dighinala, JSS returnee member. He was killed in Dighinala last year). This group named after 'Burkha party' by the local people for their anti-social and illegal activities covering them inside burkha, used by Moslem women. It has been learnt that Santu Larma forced him join in the JSS and he was made as the convener of Lakshnichari JSS thana committee. Under this political coverage Gorky continued his anti-UPDF and anti-Accord outfit activities. Gorky killed Koang, a UPDF central committee member and this case sued by Koang's wife and after her petition to cognizence court at Khagarachari for judicial inquiry it is presently in the state of judicial inquiry. IWGIA writes that this party fired upon a UPDF protest rally at Lakshmichari on July 12, 2011 resulting to serious injuries to two protestors. Recent IWGIA publication, "Militarization in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh" (IWGIA report 14 of 2012), page 23, published from Copenhagen gives a good picture of this 'party'.

The CHT Voice strongly opposes the accusation of JSS (Santu Larma) for holding the JSS responsible for the killing of Amalendu Chakma and at the same time condemn the partisan report cooked by two reporters of the Prothom Alo, Hari Kishore Chakma and Saikat Dewan. The CHT Voice calls upon Hari Kishore and Saikat Dewan to compensate the JSS for their motivated report, which has undermined the integrity of the JSS leadership as well as the members. The CHT Voice strongly believes that Mr. Santu Larma's 'Bol Proyoger Rajniti' (politcs of violence) is the main reason for the unending fratricidal killings in the CHT.
Mr. Larma should remember, top 13 JSS veterans took unanimous decision at Khagarachari to talk to the anti-Accord youths (present UPDF leadership) and listen to their pains in November 1998. Unfortunately, it came to naught due to Mr. Larma's aggressive opposition. He used to tell confidently, "How many leaders are in the UPDF? Hardly 4 to 5. I will render them into paste the way "pittinggula" (a kind of wild berry found in the CHT) is pasted." In the last 14 years Mr. Larma could not paste them, rather, he is being pasted. He could not resolve the UPDF issue, rather, he has expelled and excluded a few hundred JSS leaders and workers. 

Therefore, the CHT Voice calls upon Mr. Larma to project him as a democratic leader of the Jumma movement first. The Jumma people believes that now halting of fratricidal conflict is more important and urged then the CHT Accord implementation. Hence, Mr. Larma's politics of violence should immediately be abandoned for the greater unity of the Jumma nation.

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