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Saturday, June 02, 2012

JSS (Santu) reoccupies Rajasthali after 2 yrs

After two years Rajasthali comes under the control of JSS (Santu Larma) and pro-CHT Accord armed outfit, as the anti-Accord armed outfit has been forced to vacate the area to the conquering party, the pro-CHT Accord armed outfit.

A group of about 12 JSS (Santu Larma) activists led by Polukhoi Marma (from Gyandhya, a JSS Rajasthali Thana committee leader and grandson Major Bhanti or Kyahlau Bhante) arrived Rajasthali Upazila headquarter yesterday to announce JSS ' arrival there. They went to some local Govt officess and nearby villages and everywhere they received very cool response. All the local people avoided this visiting group and after 2/3 hours they left the place for Rangamati.

This change took place when a group of about 70-men pro-Accord armed outfit with about 50 arms arrived in Rajasthali Upazila in mid-May, as a bid to reoccupy the area from the hands of anti-Accord outfit. Surprisingly, without any challenge the anti-Accord outfit vacated the area in the evening of 22nd May and they crossed the Karnaphuli channel (of Kaptai lake) via Balukhali Union in the evening of 23rd May. A source from the area claims that during this pro-Accord outfit's armed campaign the anti-Accord side had only about 22 persons without a capable commander. 

Previously this Upazila was under the JSS dominance, however, it came under the absolute control of UPDF in June 2010 when the anti-Accord outfit carried out series of attacks and the last attack took 2 lives and injured 2 persons resulting to JSS' fall in the area. (

Once the anti-Accord group left the area, the union council chairmen and members and the Mouza Headdmen of the Upazila called on JSS (Santu) leadership and sought mercy for their siding with the anti-Accord outfit.

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