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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pro-accord armed outfit now bases at Basanta Moan and Sijak

A source reports to the CHT Voice on 17th instant that the pro-accord armed groups deployed in driving away the anti-accord outfit from Rajasthali Upazila and also establish sole supremacy in Kaptai Upazila has now been concentrated at Basant Moan, east of Rangamati town.

Further report from Baghaichari claims that two small armed groups of pro-acord outfit, numbering 15 and 18, have been noticed yesterday at Mauttum of Tangum area of Sijak Reserved Forest in Baghaichari Upazila.

Experts on the JSS-UPDF and pro-accord and anti-accord contradictions give their expert opinion that now the pro-accord outfit will try to take control of Subalong Bazar post immediately; followed by Baghaichari, Mohalchari and Dighinala.

This is worth to mention that after complete two years the anti-accord armed group opened up Rajasthali Upazila to its opponent on 22nd May without a single bullet shot. The anti-accord outfit even left the adjacent Belaichari Upazila the next day morning, which ultimately has given the pro-accord group a free hand over half of the CHT.

The abduction of 10 small fruit traders of Jurachari by the anti-accord group on 17 June will be one of the factors to attack them for bringing Subalong Bazar post under the control of the pro-accord group.

Paper cutting of the Prothom Alo, 18 June, 2012, back page, which covers the report of abduction of 10 Jumma petty fruit traders.

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