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Monday, July 02, 2012

Priti, latest victim of 'violence of politics' : struggling for life in Chittagong hospital

Priti Khisa, 35, General Secretary Acting, JSS Dighinala Thana Committee was shot and critically injured by pro-accord armed group loyal to Santu Larma yesterday at Merung in Dighinala Upazila of Khagarachari Hill District. He was fired from point blank distance by two attackers at 3.30 PM. He received bullet injuries to lower thighs, upper thigh and head. He was rushed to Dighinala hospital, then to Khagarachari and on the same day to Chittagong Medical College. He was operated today in the morning and CT scan of the head injury is scheduled to be done at night.   

 Priti Khisa, father of a 3-year old son and Acting General Secretary, JSS Dighinala  Thana Committee. He  shouldered this responsibility when  it was fallen vacant on 11 April 2012, as Debes Chakma, the General Secretary was shot dead by a pro-accord armed group led by commander Indu, who operates from Ratannagar-Maini international border (Raishabari Thana in Tripura, India and Dighinala & Panchari Thana in Khagarachari Hill District) . Four members of Indu group were arrested from Toichakma, Gandachara Sub-Division, Tripura state, India by TSR-Police joint force on last 20th June and 1 was killed at Ratannagar, Raishyabari Police Station by unknown men. This news has been covered by the Dainik Sambad published from Agartala,Tripura in its 21st June, 2012 issue ( This photo was taken on May 18, 2012 at JSS Dighinala JSS office.  

The JSS Dighinala Thana Committee sources report to the CHT Voice today that a group of Dighinala JSS Thana Committee leaders went to Merung yesterday for a motivational campaign for the celebration of the ensuing International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples to be held on 9th August. Soon after the meeting, which was organised at No. 2 Rubber Plantation Registered Primary School, located just west of Merung High school, a small group of attackers appeared and started abusing in filthy words and shot at Priti Khisa from close distance. When he fell down on the ground he was shot at his head from point blank distance. He was at the behind while returning to Dighinala proper and another leader, Pritimoy Chakma (known as doctor Jugal), President of the JSS Dighinala Thana Committee was a few yards away from him. The attackers did not see him for which he returned home safe.

Pritimoy Chakma (Jugal) was able identify one of the attackers, who were Arun Kanti Chakma (Kalyan), 40/42 years (son of Gulachandra Chakma, permanent address: Village- Changarachari, No. 1 Merung Union, No. 28 Renkajya Mouza, Dighinala Upazila). Kalyan presently keeps his family at Kalyanpur, Rangamati town, in the area where Santu Larma lives in. Kalyan is a JSS returnee and was in the ‘F’ coy as Sergeant prior to the deposition of arms under the 1997 CHT Accord. Recently he was seen posted in Laxmichari Upazila detachment known as ‘Borkha Party’.        

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