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Monday, August 06, 2012

BGB attempts to break the JSS office and conducts search operation at Marishya

The JSS Baghaichari office became target of BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) Marishya  Zone yesterday of forced search operation. A group of BGB personnel rushed to JSS Baghaichari Thana office yesterday and tried to open the office which was under lock and key. They tried to force get the key from the office bearers of the JSS thana committee but invain. The office bearers did not agree to give the key and asked the BGB personnel to break the door and enter the office if they were at all determined.

The BGB personnel, at the same time conducted a search operation at Babupara of proper Baghaichari Upazila headquarter. Sudhasindhu Khisa, JSS Co-Chair, PCJSS and also a CHT Regional Council member raised the issue before Jatindra Lal Triupura M.P., Brigade Commander of Khagarachari brigade and the BGB Sector Commander, Khagarachari (Marishya BGB Zone falls under him) and wanted to know whether the GoB has changed the policy. All the three denied that the idea was not true. Afterwards, Khisa was told by both the commanders that the BGB personnel were in search of 2 armed persons at Babupara. SS Khisa asked them to abstain from such operations prior to the 9th August.

Baghaichari Upazila Chairman Sudarshan Chakma also protested the search operation. He is the Vice President of JSS Rangamati District Committee, a most wanted person to the JSS led by Santu Larma.

The BGB raid created panic among the local people and the JSS activists. Many people are in belief that this was done to terrorise the locality so that the ensuing indigenous peoples day cannot be observed in peace. However, the JSS leaders and activists of Baghaichari are determined to observe the 9th August  despite GoB circular which goes against the UN indigenous peoples day.

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