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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bengali settlers erect houses on Jumma-lands, Jummas dismantle and army accuse Jummas

Jummas of Betchari Christianpara and nearby Jumma villages, close from Khagarachari municipality are now passing every minutes in sheer tension and fear, lest communal attack is carried out upon them by Bengali Muslim settlers of Bhuachari or action is taken by army personnel. 

Some Bengali Muslim settlers (it is believed they are from nearby Bhuachari cluster village) erected four makeshifts at Betchari Chriastianpara (a Chakma village and the villagers embraced Christianity during British period and it may be at least 100 years ago) today at noon. As pro-active measure, the villagers dismantled those to stop land expansion of the settlers. 

The CHT Voice received information a while ago, about an hour ago a group of army personnel went to this Christianpara and started accusing the community elders for dismantling the houses.  With this accusation the villagers are in fear and tesion of some "action" upon them. Mr. Rupayan Dewan, CHT Regional Council member and co-chair of the JSS took up the issue with Mr. Jatindra Lal Tripura, M.P. at 7.30 PM so that there could not be any law and order deterioration. He has been told by Mr. Tripura that commander of Khagarachari infantry brigade has already been asked to take necessary action on the issue and he was assured by the commander that he would not allow anything to happen in the area.

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