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Thursday, September 27, 2012

CHT Commission denounces Rangamati attack


CHT Commission has given their reaction on the Rangamati attack of last 22nd September. In four separate memos to the Prime Minister, the Home Minister, the Adviser Dr. Gowher Rizvi and State Minister Dipankar Talukdar sent today the reaction has been registered. 

Land dispute, according to the commission, has been the crux of the CHT problem, and hence, it demanded immediate amendment to the CHT Land Dispute Disposal Act at the earliest and appoint a good person as its chairman and start the activities. 

The memo to the Prime Minister states, "We also demand that as a means of building mutual trust the military should be barred from handling civil law and order situation and in line with the 1997 CHT Accord immediately take steps to dismantle all temporary military camps from the CHT. Instead, the police should be immediately trained and equipped to handle such violence and to maintain peace and order in CHT."

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