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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pro-accord group kills again at Dhudukchara today

Forabap (37), an inhabitant of Shantitila, north of Dhudukchara BGB BoP, was shot down by a small pro-accord armed group today at 7.00 AM at the shops close to the Dhudukchara iron bridge, which is only 250 yards from the BoP, reports an inhabitant of Dhudukchara.  The victim, Forabap was found dead on the spot.

Being sacred, other 2 members of UPDF gave jump to the turbulent (due to heavy rain) Logang river for safe flight but Pijush’s bullet-hit dead body was found at Moghpara, about 2 km down, while the other person, Suniti arrived Pujgang completely safe.  

Dhudukchara area map taken from Google. Dhudukchara is seen on the south and Rupasenpara on the north, close to Dambur lake dyke, on the extreme border of Indo-Banga border.

Akshoy Pattar Chakma (28), son of Rupasen Member (Chakma), Dhudukchara north, close to Indian border, was one of the 4-member assailant group with a pistol, the villagers have been able identify him. The villagers are of opinion that the assailants infiltrated in the village last night and took shelter at the vacant barber’s shop and assaulted in the morning.    

Dhudukchara iron bridge is seen on the left side and killing spot is on the west, close to the bridge.

A pro-accord group (led by commander Indu) abducted 2 innocent persons from this Dhudukchara village on 25th October 2010 and released on 29th after a payment of 680,000 Bangladeshi taka [].

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