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Monday, September 24, 2012

Role of Jumma students and youths sought for unifying Jumma political parties

The Hill Students’ Council loyal to Sudhansindhu-Rupayan-Tatindra-led JSS gave a call for students-youths move for greater Jumma unity in the CHT to fight back anti-Jumma conspiracies at a programme in Dhaka today. Demonstration and protest rally were organised in front of National Press Club, Dhaka at around 3.30 PM. Daka Metropolitan Chapter of HSC took led role to organise the programme. 

A leaflet was released during the demonstration which terms the present CHT crisis as a national danger and it further states, “It is impossible to surmount the current national danger without the greater Jumma unity. Only the Jumma students-youths force can play an effective role to accomplish this cherished greater Jumma unity. Therefore, we call upon the Jumma students-youths force; let us guide us by reason, by being freed from over emotion towards a particular political party with a view to defusing our conflicts by animating our political parties to fight back at least under a common programme."

UPDF-led Hill Students’ Council and general Jumma students also organised demonstrations in the same venue and protest rallies with their respective banners. The HSC (loyal to Santu Larma) organised their demonstration at Oporajeyo Bangla at Dhaka University campus.   

This students’ body placed a 5-point demands before the government, which are:
  1. To conduct judicial inquiry of the communal attack on the indigenous people and award exemplary punishment to the perpetrators and their godfathers.
  2. To ensure transfer and punishment to those government officials who have failed to stop the communal attack on the Jumma people. Stop the attacks on the indigenous people.
  3. Withdraw all the temporary camps as per the CHT Accord and also the military authority- the Operation Uttoron.
  4. Raise the Local Police force as per the CHT Accord and the concerned Acts. Give effect to the CHT Regional Council Act so that it can exercise its coordinating and supervisory responsibility over law and order and civil administration.
  5. Implement the CHT Accord within one year or within the tenure of the sitting government. 

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