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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Reader lauds New Age editorial

New Age, Dhaka, Letters:
3 Sept 2012

Recognition appreciated

I am writing to thank the editor for their timely and very positive editorial ‘Recognition of non-Bengali nationalities a pre-condition for CHT peace’ (New Age: 30/9/2012). The government has signed a peace accord, which is itself a recognition of some issues that requires resolution. But if the peace accord is not implemented to the satisfaction of the non-Bengali minority people, then why was this accord signed? Who will answer this question? 

The editorial has rightly pointed out that non-compliance of some major components of the accord have caused other problems which many people consider serious and severe.

Finally, I hope for and expect similar support to the causes of other minority communities - I am referring specifically to the Urdu-speaking Bangladeshis, who, by all definitions, do not stand as Bengalis but as non-Bengalis. After being legally recognized as citizens of Bangladesh, they have been languishing in camps like refugees since 1971.

Ahmed Ilias

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