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Friday, October 05, 2012

International NGO in Dhaka demand judicial probe into Ramu rampage

The Sun, Dhaka, Metropolis
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Int’l NGOs demand judicial probe into Ramu rampage

Forty international NGOs have expressed deep concern at the recent attack on Buddhist community and their temples at Ramu in Cox’s Bazar.

In a press statement on Thursday, the INGO Forum Bangladesh demanded exemplary punishment of those involved in the incident through conducting independent and unbiased judicial investigation.

“Working in Bangladesh has always been a matter of pride and satisfaction for us as religious, cultural, ethnic and other diversities are glorified here in terms of social behaviour and mutual relationships,” the forum leaders said in the statement.

“We know secularism, equal rights, justice and peaceful coexistence are the core values and spirit of Bangladesh’s history. We also know these are inseparable elements in the lives of people,” they said.

“The cowardly acts of violence are absolutely inconsistent with these core values of Bangladesh which make us particularly concerned. We call on the government to ensure that people involved in the incident are punished after a credible judicial investigation,” the statement added.

“We express our solidarity with the affected families of the Buddhist community and also urge the government to take immediate measures against those responsible and repair of the damaged temples and relics. The affected individuals must also be compensated and rehabilitated as early as possible”, the forum leaders said in the statement.

They also urged all stakeholders to make every effort to restore peace in the affected areas, and promote and sustain sense of mutual respect, equality and justice.

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