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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

PM Seikh Hasina visits Reingkhyong Pukur of south eastern CHT

Prime Minister Seikh Haisna is scheduled to visit Reingkhyong Pukur, close to Bangladesh-India-Myanmar tri-junction on 15th of January 2013, a source from Ruma Upazila confirms the news to the CHT Voice today. This source reported on 28th Dec that the President, H.E. Zillur Rahman was actually scheduled to visit the place on 7th instant. Because of health ground the President has dropped his programme and in his place, the Prime Minister is making the visit, it has been gathered. The GOC, 24 Infantry Div visited the place on 28th of last month to see the preparation and the army chief is scheduled to visit this place on 7th instant, before the visit of the PM. 

 Pukurpara and Pronjangpara are two closest communities of the Pukurpara helipad and Pukurpara army camp. This place falls in Farua Union of Bilaichari Upazila of Rangamati Hill District. It is accessible only by chopper. However, it can also be accessed on foot via Ruma Upazila headquarters of Bandarban Hill District. The helipad is situated on the top of a hill at 1345 (+/-) feet above the sea level. The natural lake at the height of 1217 (+/-) feet, close to Pukurpara and Prongjanpara, inhabited by Tripura people now attracts trekkers from CHT and beyond. This lake is the lone one at such height in Bangladesh.

Begum Khaleda Zia visited the helipad on 27 March 1993. The then communications minister, Col. Oli Ahmed also visited the place but both of them did not visit the Pukurpara though it is only about 300 yards away from the helipad. It has been learnt that PM Seikh Hasina also is not visiting Pukurpara. Tripura and Marma dances will be executed by the community people in her honour at the helipad or on the premises of the camp. Community people are eager to have the PM amidst them at their village.  

There is a rest house at Pukurpara constructed by CHT Regional Council in 2011 through a micro grant of 9  metric tones of food grain (rice) awarded to the community, to provide accommodation to the trekkers and tourists.  

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