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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Talks between Santu Larma and Gowhar Rizvi

Dr. Gowhar Rizvi, adviser to the Bangladesh prime minister paid a visit to Santu Larma’s official residence at Rangamati yesterday in the evening. According to the Prothom Alo, published today, Dr. Rizvi claimed it as private visit to his ‘friend’, Mr. Larma, president of PCJSS and CHT Regional Council chairman. 

A source reports to the CHT Voice in the morning that Dr. Rizvi went to Mr. Larma at 6 PM and returned at 7 PM. The source reports that Dr. Rizvi was escorted by military personnel with two jeeps along with the commander of Rangamati army zone. The media persons were seen waiting outside the gate.

There has been reaction among the local Jumma people for taking military escort by Dr. Rizvi in instead of police protection. After reading the news report of the Prothom Alo, a girl student of Rangamati govt college outbursts with her anger, “So far I know, there has been no acquaintance between Mr. Larma and Dr. Rizvi even a few months ago, then why Dr. Rzivi terms Mr. Santu Larma as his friend? In last four years the govt has not implemented the CHT Accord and prior to the national election Dr. Rizvi reiterates the implementation of the Accord.”     

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