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Saturday, July 20, 2013

JSS' 10th national conference expressed concern over 'Rohingya' infiltration into the CHT

The recently held 3-day long 10th national conference of the JSS, led by SS Khisa, R Dewan and TL Chakma expressed sheer concern over the infiltration of Burma/Myanmar's Bengali Muslim infiltrators into the CHT. The conference also expressed concern of taking refuge of 1100 souls to bordering Arakan state of Myanmar/Burma from south CHT (Bandarban Hill District) and adjacent plain districts. These refugees belong to Marma and Rakhain Buddhist community.

A statement released by the JSS on its inaugural day on 10th instant writes, "Infiltration of Bengali Muslim infiltrators, who claim them as 'Rohingya', from bordering Arakan state, has been taking place into the Chittagong Hill Tracts. This has evolved from ethnic clashes between Arakanese and the 'Rohingyas'. This 'Rohingy' infiltration, presence of Islamic armed parties and expected communal marauds have kept the Marma and Rakhain Buddhist people tensed."

Mr. Ushit Mong, a Rakhine leader has volunteered the comment given below.  The CHT Voice welcomes his reaction.
Myanmar government does not recognize so called Rohingya are citizen of Myanmar, they are Bengali Muslim,belongs to neighboring countries. They are illegal settler/ infiltrators. So called Rohingya are depending liberated Arakan, carrying the arms, focusing "ARAKAN" mean pillar of the Islam, it was independent Muslim kingdom. History does not proved that it was Muslim kingdom. Rohingya are carrying the arms, creating communal clash inside the Rakhaing state and in Bangladesh also. Ramu incident is one of the example.

My comments is that Rakhaing are Rakhaing , Rakhaing are not Arakanese. Rakhaing pray/Rakhaing kingdom was an independent country, now Rakhaing pray is Rakhaing state of Myanmar.

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