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Friday, July 12, 2013

JSS 10th national conference elects new set of leaders to lead the Jumma movement

Sudhasindhu Khisa, newly elected JSS president delivers his concluding speech today.

The 3-day long PCJSS 10th national conference declares Sudhasindhu Khisa, Rupayan Dewan and Tatindra Lal Chakma as the president, vice president and general secretary of the JSS respectively. A 29-member central committee was elected yesterday and it sat today in its first meeting to form the executive committee and the advisory committee. Ms. Kakoli Khisa, Mohalchari Upazila vice chairman has been elected as the information and publicity secretary.

In 2010; on March 29-31, Mr. Santu Larma, the then JSS president, called the 9th national conference of the JSS by excluding strong parts of the JSS. In this one-sided and illegal (it was organized in violation of the party constitution) conference he excluded many JSS veterans and expelled 6 veteran leaders (Chandra Sekhar Chakma, Sudhasindhu Khisa, Tatindra Lal Chakma, Eng. Mrinal Kanti Tripura, Advocate Saktiman Chakma, Binoy Krishna Khisa and Rupayan Dewan) and declared their capital punishment.

Many festoons have been seen hanging inside and outside the walls of the Khagarapur Community Centre with MN Larma's quotations on different issues. A such is seen left on women rights.

Thus, the unified JSS got bifurcated on 10th April 2010, when finding no alternatives, the excluded JSS activists and expelled leaders and many neglected JSS men called a general workers (members) meeting with 1,500 JSS members at Baradam, Dighinala, Khagarachari Hill District.

Mr. Sathowai Aong Marma, newly elected central committee member participates in the cntral committee discussion, flanked by Ms. Kakoli Khisa and Mr. Sudhakar Tripura, two other newly elected central committee members.

The JSS central committee got elected yesterday and sat today in its first meeting to form a 7-member executive committee and also a 7-member advisory committee. It also adopted a declaration to strengthen the JSS and expedite the movement of self-determination and also the implementation of the CHT accord of 1997. It, further, adopted to continue rigorous initiative to build greater Jumma unity through the arrest of fratricidal conflict and resolve JSS division. It decided to give call and start dialogue with the friendly left and progressive forces for their positive role in stopping Jumma conflict and JSS division by avoiding some of their close association with Mr. Santu Larma who is responsible for the Jumma killings and JSS bifurcation.

This 10th national conference concluded today (12 July, 2013) at 5.15pm at Khagarapur Community Centre, Khagarachari town, Chittagong Hill Tracts. Actually, it was to be held at Khagarachari Town Hall. Unfortunately, it did not happen. Though, the Deputy Commissioner, Khagarachari Hill District, in reply to our formal memo given well ahead, formally told to our representative, Mr. Dharmabir Chakma, Upazila Chairma, Dighinala to undertake preparation for holding the conference at the town hall. But, finally on 9th, at around 1.30 pm, about 19 hours ahead of the conference we were told that we would not be given permission to hold our conference there. Afterwards, We raised the issue to the competent authority at Khagarachari that the Bengali Muslim settlers get permission to hold meeting at this hall. The Mayor of Khagarachari municipality, controller of the hall, of course, permitted us to use it, against deposition of required fees.

Delegates and observers of the 10th JSS national conference patiently listen to the deliberations of the speakers. Utpal Chakma, JSS returnee and elder brother of Pranati Bikash (Victor) , sitting general secretary of Santu Larma-led JSS, is seen with white shirt on the extreme left.

In the inaugural day, during plenary session, speakers from outside the JSS spoke very loud and clear that there should be immediate halt of Jumma conflict and Mr. Santu Larma must initiate the move. Janab Mozammel Haq, central committee member, Workers Party, Mr. Nirapad Talukdar, Upazila vice chair, Ms. Gopadevi Chakma, Headman, Dhanpata Mouza, Dighinala, Mr. Biswa Kalyan Chakma, UP Chairman, Kabakhali Uninon and a few others spoke in the conference.  

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