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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Santu Larma's youth front leader receives gun shot

Ref: Prothom Alo, Bisal Bangla, 18 July, 2013

The Prothom Alo, a prestigious daily vernacular in Bangladesh publishes a report today that Paplu Bikash Chakma (Information and Publicity Secretary, Youth Front, JSS) was shot at yesterday at around 9 pm at Rangamati town, just 20 yards away from the JSS district office, in front of Rani Dayamoyi School.

The report claims that Mr. Sajib Chakma, JSS assistant secretary for information and publicity, has held UPDF or our JSS responsible for the attack. The published report refers to UPDF denial but nothing about our JSS. This goes against the ethics of news reporting. This is not first such act by some Prothom Alo local reporters.

They have earlier published a report accusing UPDF and our JSS’ involvement in the Amalendu murder case, and published UPDF’s denial, but not ours. They even did not contact us for our comments. Sudirgha Chakma, one of our young leaders who was killed in last April protested it to Mr. Hari Kishore Chakma, Rangamati correspondent of the Prothom Alo. Mr. Hari, replied that he did not have the cell number of   Sudirgha Chakma, though they had regular contacts. Mr. Saikat Dewan, Prothom Alo Khagarachari correspondent has also denied to Bibhu Ranjan Chakma, ex-general secretary, JSS Khagarachari district committee (presently he is a central committee member) about his involvement in the report. We protested their partisan reporting through our upload “JSS returnee Amalendu killing and Prothom Alo's partisan report” ( on 5 June, 2012.  

At around 11.30pm yesterday, a facebook status sent by “Jumma Nation” ( reported with a picture of wounded Paplu that the attack on him was a result of factional contradiction between Ushatan Talukdar (JSS Santu vice president) and Sajib Chakma (assistant secretary, Information and Publicity, JSS Santu) groups, evolved out of money sharing and drinking of wine. To us, it is very hard to believe, the claim made by the “Jumma Nation”. Therefore, we ask Sajib Chakma and his JSS to verify the identity of the “Jumma Nation”.  

Our JSS has all thorough been engaged in building greater Jumma unity against ongoing fratricidal killings, despite getting more than two dozens killed at the hands of the armed men loyal to Santu Larma. Greater Jumma unity is the only solution to arrest such killings in the CHT. Therefore, we ask Mr. Sajib Chakma to avoid issuing such politically motivated accusation against us. We know him as a good person and so encourage him not to mortgage his conscience to financial or any other limitations. We also ask the concerned Prothom Alo reporters to honour the ethics of media reporting and abstain from their partisan approach.

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