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Monday, July 29, 2013

Which election alliance Santu Larma opts for?

Media reports claim, Mr. Rashed Khan Menon, Workers Party of Bangladesh supremo and two of his comrades (Mr. Bimal Biswas, Polit Bureau member and Mr. Fazle Hassan Badshah, Polit Bureau member and M.P.) called on Awami League general secretary Mr. Sayed Ashraful Islam on 24 July, for expansion of the 14-party grand alliance, to face BNP-led right and right-centric 18-party alliance during the next general election, scheduled in the extreme beginning of 2014. [New age: 24 July 2013.] The political analysts, of course, are now in complete darkness about the state of the next general election for sheer contradiction between Awami League and BNP. However, they all are in confidence that if there is a minimum free and fare election then the BNP-led 18-party alliance would form the government. Many of the political observers are expecting lawlessness after October 2013 or in January 2014.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister, has expressed his desire; the continuation of secular and democratic government in Bangladesh. The USA Ambassador, HE Mr. Dan Mozena sat with BNP to discuss on GSP (?). The Chinese have also kept side events in their ensuing seminar in Beijing involving top Bangladeshi communist leaders. Begum Zia, chairperson of BNP, is in her 3rd foreign trip (recent trips). In this backdrop, the political sources in Dhaka and media reports confirm that the Workers Party meeting with the Awami League is out of sheer concern over the fate of secular, progressive and democratic forces in the next general election. A responsible political source claims, deliberate and carefree treatments of Awami League towards her grand alliance members has left no scope to her to initiate expansion move of 14-party grand alliance to face  BNP-Jamat-Hefajat’s uprising in the country in the midst of Awami League’s massive defeat in recent five city corporation elections. Therefore, the Workers Party initiative for expansion of grand alliance and proposal for taking a few parties including JSS (Santu Larma) into confidence have been hailed and approved by Awami League.

Dhaka political sources also confirm the CHT Voice; the CPB (Communist Party of Bangladesh) has adopted unanimous decision in its 3-day long central committee meeting and national council (Jatiya Parishad, consisting 41 CC members and secretary and presidents of 64 districts) meet ended on 26th to form a wider alternative election alliance against Awami League-BNP bipolar political tradition. [Daily Star: 27 July 2013.]  The CHT Voice has gathered that 1) the CPB would never accept Awami League in its alliance or any party of Awami League-led 14-party grand alliance if it does not leave the grand alliance. 2) CPB would not welcome Bikolpa Dhara in the wider alliance. 3) CPB would welcome JSS (Santu Larma) in the alliance. 

It is now clear that the tactic of Workers Party to combat the emergence of fundamentalist forces through the next general election does not match with the CPB’s one, as it does not see any alternatives to contain sure victory of BNP-Jamat-Hefajat without Awami League. Despite unhealthy experience with Awami League for her inaction to the CHT accord implementation in long two terms, Mr. Santu Larma still, would go for Awami League-led grand alliance. And this would surely happen for some reasons/conditions, e.g. CHT seats (constituency) sharing arrangement, Larma’s good association with Mr. Menon, banning of UPDF and government pressure upon our JSS, reconfirmation of CHT accord implementation and so on. 

On the other hand the CPB expects Mr. Santu Larma’s presence in the expected alliance, despite Mr. Larma’s most controversial leadership. Besides, it is also uncertain whether Awami League is going to buy Mr. Larma, as some “invisible” quarters may intervene in the process. However, considering our past experiences, it is also believed, Awami League’s decision would never frustrate Mr. Larma, as she has played last 15 years with JSS and Jumma people and would not feel any guilty to play next five years. As far as the next election is concerned, many Jumma people believe that it is not the leaders but the “Generals” would decide who would go to the parliament from three CHT seats.

We can surely predict that the CPB-led wider election alliance is not getting Mr. Larma as he is already in a 10-party communist alliance led by Mr. Rashed Khan Menon. [CHT Voice: 11 Sept 2012.] Mr. Larma’s close and intimate association with Mr. Menon and Mr. Pankaj Bhattarya would not allow Mr. Larma go for CPB. Mr. Larma also would be in trouble to justify his expected membership with the expanded 14-party grand alliance because of Awami League's complete silence in the implementation of the CHT accord in her ongoing term. The Awami League should know that the Jumma people are completely unhappy with her for giving them tribal, ethnic people and Bangali identities through the 15th constitutional amendment. Moreover, the Jumma people are frustrated with Awami League for her siding with crucial issues like continuation of military rule in the CHT, anti-Jumma Land Commission Act, and Bengali- Muslim infiltration; apart from the CHT accord implementation.

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