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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Burning starts again in the CHT

CHT again started burning. Different local reports from Matiranga Upazila in Khagarachari Hill District are claiming that the Bengali Muslim settlers of Tendyong Union, Matiranga Upazila have been setting on fire to the Jumma houses since morning. Manudas Para, Sarbeswar Para, Boga Para and Bandarsingh Para of Tendyong Union have been arsoned. The attack that started at 11.30 am today have brought terrible difficulties to about 300 Chakma families living in these villages.

Bakul Chakma, a key Jumma refugee leader contacted the Deputy Commissioner, Khagarachari for administrative intervention, as soon as he received the news. The DC told him that he was not aware of the arson but he was informed about an abduction of a Bangali motorcyclist by UPDF. Rupyan Dewan, CHT Regional Council member and JSS vice president sent message to the secretary, CHT Affairs Ministry and Sudhasindhu Khisa, JSS president and member of the CHT Regional Council also took up the issue with the DC, Khagarachari, for immediate action.

The CHT Voice is still not sure about the extent of destruction and attack, however, it has been gathered that with the BGB patrols the organized arson have been possible to keep limited to 4 villages. Unfortunately, afterwards, the BGB personnel have told a Jumma karbari (village head) and a few others who took BGB shelter today that the villagers may go anywhere if they do not want to stay in their villages, a local contact told the CHT Voice. 

Local report claims, the Jummas of Tendyong area have been in apprehension of communal attack since last Tuesday, when big hue and cry of Bengali Muslim settlers of Tendyong area resounded in Feni valley after raising it through dozens of loudspeakers about noticing “Shanti Bahini” near Maispara, a Bengali Muslim settlers’ village, near Indian border. The Jummas were not allowed to go to market on Thursday for “noticing” miscreants. Out of this reason, the commanding officer (C.O.) of Tubalchari BGB Zone met his BSF counter part from Jolaiya BSF camp yesterday at 11:00 A.M., reports an affected villager.

Being panicked the Jumma inhabitants of Tendyong area have moved close to border fencing gates for taking refuge in India. A local inhabitant tells that Indian BSF is also ready to open up the gates once situation deteriorates. It has been learnt that the BGB C.O. has discouraged the Jummas about crossing the international border and also told that the BSF would not welcome them there.  

The burning of Jumma villages by Bengali Muslim marauders first started in the CHT just prior to the independence of Bangladesh, in December 1972; when Pakistan forces withdrew their positions from Feni borders (Indo-Bangla border in Ramgarh and Matiranga Upazilas) for their strategic reasons. Village after village had been destroyed, properties looted, women raped and many Jummas had been assaulted and killed. All these happened without any provocation and we know the reason; it is nothing but for taking over the Jumma lands, by might. After 42 years of independence and even signing of the CHT accord of 1997 the same fate continues unabated. 

The Jumma people have experienced and suffered terribly out of well-planned conspiracies of killing and abduction. We ask the government to properly investigate the “abduction” (of Kaamal, the motorcyclist, from Battali village who is involved in BNP politics) and carefully see whether this is also a conspiracy against the Jummas and also the government. The government should not depend on biased administration/officials and communal public representatives for ensuring justice to the sufferers whether he is Kaamal or Dulpeda.


  1. ekku sei gowr sara manushun hudu adon??? tarattey hi bebosta niya owlow?

  2. JSS flag is highly objectionable and controversial to national and international level since it symbolizes nothing but the "communist idealism". In order to draw more attention specially from international community, the flag should not be publicized openly until a new one can be selected through the public opinions and contest. It is not possible to work in international level while we introducing ourselves as Communist.