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Saturday, August 10, 2013

JSS observes indegenous peoples day 2013 in Khagarachari and Rangamati Hill Districts

A report:
The PCJSS observed the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2013 yesterday in Khagarachari and Rangamati Hill Districts on the basis of main valleys of northern CHT- Feni valley, Chengi valley, Maini valley and Kassalong valley. Bangladesh Adivasi Forum led by Mr. Santu Larma and Mr. Snjib Drong observed the day in Dhaka on 3rd instant. 

Mr. Sathoai Aung Marma delivers his speech at the function

Baghaichari Upazila proper was the venue of Kassalong valley, Dighinala Upazila proper was for Maini valley and Khagarachari district town was for both Feni valley and Chengi valley. Matiranga Upazila proper was determined for Feni valley public gathering, but it was shifted to Khagarachari prior to the programme because of recent Tendyong communal attack.      

The PCJSS observed the day with a call to Bangladesh government, member states of the UN, specialised UN agencies based in Bangladesh, different civic bodies and human rights organisations, the citizens of Bangladesh, progressive, democratic and secular forces of Bangladesh and above all, the citizens of the world.

Mr. Sudhasindhu Khisa gives his speech of the chief guest

The participants gathered at MN Larma square, close to Mohajanpara of Khagarachari town. A colourful rally of about 2,000 Jumma men and women with traditional costumes participated also by a few cultural troupes proceeded through Khagarachari bazar beating drums, projecting placards and festoons to Khagarapur Community Centre, about 2 km away where the meting was held. Mr. Sudhasindhu Khisa, president of the PCJSS was the chief guest and Mr. Sudhakar Tripura chaired the meeting and Ms. Kakoli Khisa administered the meeting. Eng. Mrinal Kanti Tripura, central committee member, JSS gave the introductory speech and narrated the importance of the day as far as the indigenous peoples rights is concerned.  

Ms. Anita Tripura, UP member speaks before the audiences.

Ms. Anita Tripura, UP member from Ramgarh Upazila strongly demanded the end of Jumma conflicts once for all, for fighting back for achieving rights from the government. Mr. Sathoai Aung Marma who has recently joined the JSS and basically a high school teacher, and also the sitting president of the Marma Unnayan Sangshad  urged the common people to be careful during the coming national elections and caste their votes to those who care for the Jumma nation and common people as well.  The speakers gave a call for the immediate halt of political conflicts in the CHT and kept their opinion based on the JSS' call given on the IP day 2013. 

Below is the JSS call given on the International day of the Worl'ds Indigenous Peoples 2013:

To the government of Bangladesh: To dignify the international human rights by recognizing the indigenous peoples of the country through amendment of the constitution and also ameliorate the major wakefulness of this year’s UN theme “Indigenous peoples building alliances: Honoring treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements” on the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples through immediate implementation of the CHT Accord.
To the UN and the other countries: To immediately execute the ECOSOC resolution adopted in 2011 on the implementation of the CHT Accord by approving by the UN General Assembly.
To the specialized UN agencies: To keep the endeavor of the Bangladesh-based UN specialized agencies alive for fullest implementation of the UN declaration on indigenous peoples and other international covenants.
To the different civic bodies and human rights organisations: Support of the national and international civic bodies and human rights organizations for the establishment of the rights of indigenous peoples of Bangladesh and the resolution of the CHT crisis be continued and heightened.
To the citizens of Bangladesh: The image of the country be elevated by all parties and faiths by supporting the establishment of rights of the indigenous peoples, for their dignified survival with their own distinctions, as citizens of the country.  
To the progressive, democratic and secular individuals and organizations: Be advanced to help stop the ongoing CHT political conflicts for the greater unity and solidarity.
Above all, call to the people of the world: “Establish firm unity for the achievement of the rights of the indigenous peoples.”

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