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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Larma declares, he has been betrayed while Menon fears about restart of armed struggle

Mr. Santu Larma asks Bangladesh Prime Minister Seikh Hasina- "Why have you not implemented the accord that you signed 16 years ago, the commitment that you gave? I will say, you have betrayed the indigenous peoples of the hills and cheated them." - 3rd August, 2013, at a seminar at Engineers Institution auditorium, Dhaka, on the celebration of International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. [Ref: Prothom Alo, page 3, date 4 August 2013.]

Mr. Rashed Khan menon, M.P. and Chairman, Parliamentary Caucus on the indigenous peoples expressed his sheer concern this way- "The CHT may go back to its state that was before the signing the CHT accord." - on 4th August 2013 while speaking at a seminar organised by ALRD and CHT Citizen's committee in Dhaka. (Ref:, [,] In his speech Mr. Menon disclosed that the Prime Minister claims, the Bangalis are the original inhabitants of the CHT. 

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