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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Maj. Pele's brother shot

Mr. Samadananda Chakma (Shiman), assistant general secretary of Khagarachari JSS district committee was shot at Dighinala at 8:00pm on 5th instant. He is a JSS returnee and younger brother of Tatindra Lal Chakma, popularly known as Maj. Pele, JSS general secretary. Everybody including JSS believe that it was done by Santu Larma's hired killers.
Wounded Shiman is seen at a hospital at Chittagong after getting primary management

Surgeons in Chittagong removed 36 shots from his body in two operations. He is now out of danger but will face physical inability to lead his active life. He was attacked by the killers from back when he was on his way back home by a motorcycle. The attack was done in front of some shops at Dighinala upazila proper and close to his home. 

Soon after the attack he was taken to Dighinala hospital and considering the critical state he was referred to Khagarachari district general hospital and for the same reason he was again sent to Chittagong. He was admitted to a hospital in Chittagong at 02.30 hrs yesterday.
Shots removed during first attempt from the body of Simon
A few years ago, before JSS bifurcation, he was elected to the Khagarachari JSS district committee as a member and his oath taking along with others was conducted by Satyabir Dewan, the then JSS general secretary. Strange enough, Shiman and another elected district committee member, Shyamal Prashad Chakma (Himmat) were removed from the district committee through a written order signed by Satyabir Dewan, as Santu Larma did not approve their coming to the committee. The move was completely undemocratic. It was purely out of personal grudge. Once elected by the district conference (council) none in the JSS can remove him/her whether he is JSS president. A man of principle and personality would never put his signature in the order, it happened as Santu Larma preferred this kind of fellows to control the JSS the way he wishes.

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